Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Sunday Politics

 Not even a day off for Easter. 

At Da Caller, Top Biden Pollster Warns ‘Most Americans Are Pissed,’ Says Democrats Are Facing ‘Really Sour Environment’. Aaron Kliegman at JTN warns Hispanic voters deserting Biden in major warning sign for Democrats "Amid border crisis, Hispanic support for president plummets as key voting demographic shifts to GOP" and Madeleine Hubbard finds Nigel Farage asks why 25th Amendment isn't invoked for Biden: 'He's an embarrassment to America', "It is so obvious this man cannot hold the responsibilities of leading America, let alone the free world". Well, Britain has it's fair share of embarrassments. Twitchy finds WaPo presents the top 10 Dem presidential candidates in 2024 (guess who’s not in the top 2). HRC. Otherwise, quite an unpleasant list. 

NY, cited at Haut Hair, worries We may be on track for a recession just as the 2024 campaign begins, further dimming Democrats chances. Worse, Breitbart cites Larry Summers: Stagflation Is ‘The Most Likely’ Outcome over the Next Two Years. "If stagflation means rising unemployment and still high inflation, I think that’s the preponderant probability as to where we’re going to get over the last couple of years — over the next couple of years." A return to the Carter years is still a best case scenario. At Da Mail, Flight from big cities INCREASES despite end of pandemic with record numbers of homebuyers relocating from coastal cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle to more affordable areas to beat inflation and work from home. But we need rule to make sure they don't Californicate the places they move to. 

And I didn't think things could get worse in Congress but Breitbart reports  Adam Schiff Covets House Speakership for Himself. Da Caller thinks NY Dems Are Such A Mess Republicans Might Actually Win The Governorship after Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin’s arrest for allegedly taking part in a campaign finance scheme. Florida woman and DeSantis opponent Nikki Fried appears to be trying to gin up interest in her campaign by talking up a nonexistent sex tape. Becca Downs at Town Hall, From Sex Tapes Nobody Was Talking About, to Poorly Attended Events, Nikki Fried Has Had a Bizarre Week and at Da Wire, ‘There Is No Sex Tape’: Twitter Confused As DeSantis Challenger Nikki Fried Appears To Start A Rumor About Herself, "Ma’am thank you for clarifying but the question was about how you would allocate excess funds from the state budget,” Stephen L. Miller quipped in reply."

Althouse on the Wisconsin Gerrymander fight The dissenting Wisconsin Supreme Court justices "called the approval of the Republican maps nonsensical, noting that while [Governor] Evers’s maps had added a Black-majority Assembly district, the Republicans’ maps had removed one...."

So one party tried to get one more majority-minority district and the other party tried to get one less. Neither tried to keep the number the same. Under the U.S. Supreme Court decision, the governor needed to show that the federal Voting Rights Act required this additional majority-minority district. He didn't, so we end up with the only other map, the Republicans'.
WSJ (cited by Haut Hair) claims Disney faces backlash in Florida amid "don't say gay" controversy. Insty, DESANTIS 1, MOUSE Ø: In Florida, Disney Is Throwing in the Towel.

“I think it’s gone too far,” said Anderson, who until recently led the US professional society at the forefront of transgender care.

“For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant.

“Now it’s got to the point where there are kids presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense,‘” she said.

Anderson is so concerned, in fact, she said she is considering ending her own pioneering work helping teens transition.

At Campus Reform, This is how one university event encouraged 'littles' to 'explore' their gender identity. Ashe Schow at Da Wire reports A Professor Was Punished For Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns. He Sued And Just Settled For $400K. Good. Twitchy, ‘Kinda gives the game away here, no’? Ibram X. Kendi goes straight-up #BlueAnon ranting about white supremacist grooming and LOL. Landon Mion at Town Hall has Florida DOE Rejects Math Textbooks Over Inclusion of CRT

"The highest number of books rejected were for grade levels K-5, where an alarming 71 percent were not appropriately aligned with Florida standards or included prohibited topics and unsolicited strategies," the release continued. "Despite rejecting 41 percent of materials submitted, every core mathematics course and grade is covered with at least one textbook."

Conniptions at CNN, Can Elon Musk be stopped from taking over Twitter?  Althouse reads NYT, which hopes so "Poison pills have been around for decades... Netflix adopted a poison pill in 2012 to stop [Carl] Icahn from buying up its shares. Papa John’s used one against..."  At Compact, Geoff Shullenberger writes of Twitter and the War of Oligarchs.  At Spiked, Why Elon Musk has rattled them, "His attempted takeover of Twitter has revealed just how terrified the liberal elites are of freedom of speech."

. . . his attempted takeover of Twitter has already done us a great service, in revealing how important censorship now is to America’s permanently hysterical elites.

 Jonathon Turley, on Da Hill, Twitter faces the ‘nightmare’ of being forced into free speech.

an outbreak of free speech could have dire consequences for many in the political-corporate-media triumvirate. For them, the greatest danger is that Musk could be right and Twitter would become a more popular, more profitable company selling a free speech product.

Insty, AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Twitter Employee Undergoes Therapy Over Elon Musk Takeover (Video).

At Not The Bee, Libs of TikTok has been suspended from Twitter AGAIN. Here's the notice and a message from LOTT.

Insty has an Tic-Toc, and wants thoughts.

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