Wednesday, April 27, 2022

This Post is For the Birds

We don't really have a beach report today. Oh, we went all right, right into the face of a 20 kt wind. No pictures. So instead, the Nature Conservancy has kindly provided links to three bird cams in the region.

Peregrine Falcon Camera

Baltimore’s very own peregrine falcons! This family has inhabited the 100 Light St skyscraper in downtown Baltimore for over 35 years, a significant achievement for the peregrine restoration efforts over the past few decades.

Osprey Camera

Watch our osprey webcam to see our favorite resident osprey, Tom and Audrey, as they return from their journey, build their nest, raise their chicks, and go about their daily lives. Osprey are great indicators for how well we are doing at protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

Great Blue Heron Camera

Get up close with a great blue heron rookery. This colony of up of 10-12 nests and up to 50 heron in a season, features couple “Rell & Eddie,” named after the surfers Rell Sunn and Eddie Aikau.

I saw birds at the first two. 

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