Saturday, April 2, 2022

Buwudabout Hunter?

Since our last episode, wherein the New York Time reluctantly admitted that the laptop in question was, in fact, Hunter Biden's, and that it's contents were real, the floodgates have opened. I&I, Even The Big Media Can No Longer Ignore Biden Family’s Corruption. Bob Spencer at PJ Media tries to explain Why Is Everybody Ganging Up on Poor Hunter Biden? Is the media getting ready to ditch "The Big Guy?" 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks Something Big Is Coming on Hunter Biden's Corrupt Dealings. Fox, Miranda Devine: 'Dam is about to burst' on Hunter Biden scandal, "Federal tax probe into Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings gains momentum." Miranda Devine, The media avoided the ties between Joe Biden and Hunter’s laptop. Dan Oliver at Am Great, on Hunter Biden, the New York Times, and the Coming Impeachment, "Why did the Times confess their error on the laptop story? Who knows? But it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to know they’re up to no good." A good bet. Mike LaChance at LI says Mainstream Media Outlets Ignore New Details in Hunter Biden Scandals, “to keep the public from knowing about the President’s wayward son and his sketchy financial and foreign dealings.” Right and Free, A Broken Country Buries a Broken Laptop. And, of course, Democratic leaders still say info on Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation (WaT.) At Da Signal, Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover Depth of Elite Institutional Corruption.

With the NYT breaking the liberal ice, other outlets felt free to follow. Fox, Hunter Biden saga: Washington Post authenticates laptop after dismissing ‘fake' scandal in 2020, "The paper published a lengthy report about Hunter Biden's multimillion-dollar ties to a Chinese company." At Twitchy, the unsinkable Mollie Hemingway has a more condensed version of WaPo’s ‘how we analyzed Hunter Biden’s laptop’ story,  Mollie@MZHemingway, "Step 1: wait 2 years until the political calculus changes." Insty, #JOURNALISM: Now The Washington Post Cares About Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Emails: Aw, WaPo confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails…two years after brushing aside The New York Post’s reporting. Ace, with a flaming skull smoking a crack pipe, Washington Post: What a Scoop, We've Determined That Parts of Hunter Biden' Laptop Are Real, CNN: Gosh, It Looks Like Hunter Biden Might Be Facing Actual Federal Charges For the Crimes We Said Were All "Russian Disinformation". Also, More: Washington Post Verifies Some But Not All of Hunter Biden's Laptop Using Third-Party Cryptographic Signature Analysis... Which the Daily Caller Did 17 Months Ago and Thereby Verified All of the Laptop's Contents.  Basically, everything they could check turned out to be true, so they're holding out hope that something is false. Breitbart, CNN Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Authentic 532 Days After Initial Reporting. Fox, CNN’s John Harwood roasted for claiming there is ‘zero evidence’ tying Biden to his son’s wrongdoings, "'Not even Jen Psaki is as devoted to the Party and Biden,' Glenn Greenwald said of the CNN reporter." At Da Blaze, CNN panel stumped when analyst exposes media's double standard on Hunter Biden laptop story: 'Hard to ignore', S.E. Cupp. Atop Da Hill, CNN: ‘Realistic chance’ Hunter Biden could be indicted.  KT at Haut Hair, CNN legal analyst: There is a 'realistic chance' that Hunter Biden could be indicted. As of March 28, It’s Been 259 Days Since the Network Newscasts Said the Words ‘Hunter Biden’, then 261 Days Later: NBC Finally Mentions Hunter Biden’s Name (News Busters). When you've lost Bill Maher: The 'left-wing media' buried the Hunter Biden scandal because 'it wasn't part of their narrative' "The HBO star said it shouldn't take 'two years' for NYT, WaPo to verify the New York Post story" Sophie Mann,  House Republicans open new probe into Twitter, Facebook suppressing Hunter Biden laptop story 

At Da Caller, Matt Gaetz Confronts FBI Official On Whereabouts Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Enters It Into Congressional Record. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, FBI exec denies knowing whereabouts of Hunter Biden laptop as contents put into congressional record, ""Sir, I'm not here to talk about the laptop, I'm here to talk about the FBI cyber program," the official insisted." Mary Chastain at LI, Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Receipt From Computer Shop Into Congressional Record, "Gaetz to the FBI: “How are Americans supposed to trust that you can protect us from the next Colonial pipeline if it seems you can’t locate a laptop that was given to you three years ago from the First Family, potentially creating vulnerabilities for our country?”" Fox, Gaetz sends Nadler hard drive containing contents of Hunter Biden's laptop. Kevin Downey at PJ Media, Shocker! The FBI 'Doesn't Know' Where Hunter's Laptop Is. Sundance at CTH, Director of FBI Cyber Has No Idea Where Hunter Biden Laptop Is Located. Marianas Trench? KT at Haut Hair, GOP House members demand White House turn over records of Hunter Biden's overseas deals.

Sophie Mann at JTN reports Gaetz seeks to strip clearance for intel officials who called Hunter Biden's laptop Russian disinfo, "The Florida congressman's measure is titled "Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution."" Heh. From the JTN staff, Ex-CIA official who signed letter warning Hunter Biden laptop story was disinfo proud Trump lost. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx notes the CIA veteran who signed Hunter Biden laptop letter says he sarcastically claimed credit for 2020 election. But as sundance warns, U.S. Intel and National Security Apparatus Make Moves to Protect Joe Biden From Hunter Biden Laptop Fallout.

At the WSJ, a Game-Changer: Sen. Grassley Quite Literally Brings the Receipts of Foreigners' Payments to Hunter Biden. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Senators Release Receipts Showing Direct Payments From Foreign Oligarchs To Hunter Biden. Madeleine Hubbard again, Grassley, Johnson release bank records showing Hunter Biden's ties to China, "One record shows a $5 million wire transfer to Hudson West, a company Hunter Biden invested in and managed, from a partner of a CCP-connected business." Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall quotes Grassley as he Drops New Hunter Biden Documents,  'Today Is Just a Small Taste.' 

TNP, EXC: Email Reveals Hunter’s Chinese Communist Party Business Partner Sought Meeting With ‘H And The Family’ At the Conservative Brief, Hunter Biden Probe Is ‘Broader Than Previously Known’. NYPo reports Hunter Biden’s $142K Fisker sports car scrutinized in tax probe. From Breitbart, WaPo Admits Hunter Profited $4.8M from Chinese Energy Deal but, White House Stands by False Joe Biden Debate Claim that Hunter Did Not Make Money from China. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, U.S. Senators Reveal CCP-Controlled Company Funneled Millions To Biden Family To Represent ‘Spy Chief Of China.’ Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog wonders What New Hunter Biden Revelations Are Coming Down The Pike? From Aaron Kleigman at JTN. Obama, Hunter Biden ties to Ukraine biolabs get fresh scrutiny, "The U.S. has funded Ukrainian biodefense labs — but not for offensive weapons." Just ordinary corruption

Melissa Cohen
From Da Caller, Lunden Roberts Speaks Out On Relationship With Hunter Biden. Somewhere, a little girl has a stripper for a mother, a crackhead for a father, and a President as a grandfather. Meanwhhile, across da pond at Da Mail reports an EXCLUSIVE: Life's a beach! Hunter Biden's bikini-clad wife Melissa Cohen, 35, is spotted frolicking in the ocean with buff male pal as she continues to live it up in Rio de Janeiro - while her husband faces tax probe. It's good to be married to an oligarch's son.

wretchardthecat@wretchardthecat, "The most dismaying thing about Washington scandals is the growing suspicion that everyone in the city -- including the belated discoverers -- are in on it."

John Solomon at JTN claims an Exclusive: Trump calls on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden’s dealings with oligarchs "“I think we should know that answer,” America’s 45th president says." HE, Trump Demands Putin Release Information on Hunter Biden’s Dealings with Oligarchs

Trump cited a 2020 Senate report that disclosed Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, then the wife of Moscow’s mayor, provided $3.5 million 10 years ago to a company Hunter Biden founded.

“She gave him $3.5 million so now I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it,” Trump said. “I think we should know the answer.”

AllahPundit whines about Trump: Russia should seize this opportunity to reveal dirt it has on the Bidens. But you can't blackmail them if it's out in the open!

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