Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Buwudabout Hunter?

It's been a little while since the New York Time reluctantly admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story originally broken by the New York Post, and widely pronounced by Democrat leaning ex-intelligence figures, and the mainstream and social media as Russian disinformation, was, in fact real, and Hunter's. So what's happened in the meantime? Well, if you believe the major TV networks, not much.  ABC, CBS, NBC ignore Hunter Biden scandals, haven’t mentioned his name in 259 days, study says, "'Twelve days after the Times confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, ABC, CBS and NBC are still silent,' (Fox, of course). At Front Page, Bob Spencer wonders Where are the 51 Intel Agents Who Assured Us Hunter's Laptop was Russian Disinformation?. Cashing their DNC and CNN checks, I imagine. Louder With Crowder observes that Jen Psaki Can't Shoosh Questions on Hunter Fast Enough.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall explains that the Latest Poll About Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Why the Liberal Media Strangled This Story in 2020 "Well, around 17 percent of Biden supporters would not have supported him if they had known about this laptop story during the election." Joy Pullman at Da Fed is pretty sure The New York Times Doesn’t Care If You Know That Big Tech Helped Rig Joe Biden’s Election.  At Da Lid, Per Rasmussen, Voters Say Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Is Important Story, "But MSM Still Ignores The Story." Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Gosh, There Sure Is a Lot of Hunter Biden News These Days. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed has 4 Big Takeaways From The New York Times’s Attempt To Control The Hunter Biden Narrative. "1. If the Laptop Is Legit, So Are the Scandals the Laptop Exposed . . . 2. The Times’s Record of ‘Getting Ahead of the Story’ Suggests More Developments Are Coming . . . 3. Prosecutors are Investigating Some Serious Stuff . . . 4. Downplay the Charges, Build the Narrative, and Beta-Test the Defenses" and offers 8 Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Is Legit. Joe Concha atop Da Hill calls Hunter Biden the protected third rail of journalism. Capt. Ed at Haut Hain notes, in a little noted part of Bill Barr's new book, widely touted for its criticism of Trump, Barr says Biden flat-out lied about Hunter's laptop -- and so did the media. At the Wa Free Bee, Congressman Seeks Facebook, Twitter Records Related to Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story, but it won't happen until after the midterms, I'm sure. From DaTechguy, DaTechGuy’s 6th Law of Media Outrage postscript

Yesterday I postulated DaTechguy’s 6th Law of Media Outrage which states:
The degree of protection by or attack of the media on any person is governed by the degree of danger and/or usefulness to the Democrat party’s electoral goals said protection or attack represents
And said that the NYT sudden “discovery” that the Hunter Biden Laptop was real meant the following:
But now it’s 2022 and Joe Biden is becoming increasingly a threat to the electoral prospects of the Democrat left. While nobody in his right mind actually believes he is governing this nation the sheer incompetence of those actually doing the job combined with the fiscal and foreign policy on his administration’s watch are at a point where disaster looms for the left if things continue.

So suddenly the Hunter Biden story instead of being a threat is for the left at worst an old story that can’t make things much worse or can be burred in the news of the war..

Of course at best it might be a means of removing the threat that Joe Biden is.

Miranda Devine at NYPo, The White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop and Biden’s silent as son’s former friend and business partner faces jail, financial ruin. At Am Spec, Shmuel Klatzkin claims The Corruption of the Biden Administration Is Now in Plain Sight, but you do have to go out of your way to find it. Paul Bedard at WaEx, More believe Biden 'perhaps profited' off son Hunter’s schemes. At the Tampa Freep, Biden Admin’s Ties To Ukraine Go Deeper Than Hunter And Burisma. Seamus Bruner and John Solomon at JTJ detail how How Russia got stronger as Bidens and Clintons got richer: Uranium, oil and technology. From JTN, Exclusive: Trump calls on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden’s dealings with oligarchs 

Meanwhile, bad stuff continues to leak out of the seams of the Hunter story. At The Political Wire, Prosecutors Advance Tax Probe of Hunter Biden "“A federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden is gaining momentum as prosecutors gather information from several of his associates about the sources of his foreign income, including from Ukraine, and examine President Biden’s son’s relationship with a company that handled some of his finances,” the Wall Street Journal reports." BPR, Jesse Watters ‘hearing’ that Hunter Biden will be indicted, president will ‘probably’ pardon him

Across da pond at Da Mail,  Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president. TNP, Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department. Kevin Downey at PJ Media, BOMBSHELL REPORT: Hunter Biden Emails Show He Secured Funds for Biolabs in Ukraine. Really? He did something useful to someone? I'm impressed. I thought he just sold access to Joe. Stacy McCain, Why Is ‘Russian Disinformation’ More Trustworthy Than the Liberal Media?

Last week, Russian officials claimed that Hunter Biden had bankrolled biological research laboratories in Ukraine:
. . .
This was immediately dismissed by the Daily Beast, among others, as conspiracy theory crazy talk aimed at the QAnon crowd, even before Tucker Carlson picked up the story.

“Tucker Carlton Echoes the Kremlin,” they headlined it, as if the story were self-evidently false. But guess what? Can you guess, huh?

Well? Is the Daily Beast just going to pretend this isn’t newsworthy? Are the rest of the corporate media going to continue pretending that this is just crazy QAnon stuff and “Russian disinformation”?

Keep in mind that our government funded research in Communist Chinese labs that may have produced the COVID-19 virus. We are told, however, that the research our government was funding in Ukraine was entirely benign, and if we express skepticism about this project (which, oh, by the way, just happened to help make money for Joe Biden’s worthless crack-addicted son) well, our skepticism is proof that we’re a bunch of kooky right-wing conspiracy theorists. Wouldn’t it be nice if our government and our media would tell us the truth once in while, so they could have more credibility than the Kremlin?

 At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat. And that was before the BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Had DOD Encryption Keys On His Laptop (Geller Report). Law Enforcement Today, National security nightmare: Biden laptop had Department of Defense “encryption keys” on it…why?

John Nolte at Breitbart,  Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac.

And it turns out that, appropriately enough,  Joe honors his dead son with a scam. Breitbart, Report: Beau Biden Charity Takes in Millions, Spends Fraction on Helping Children. KT at Haut Hair, Beau Biden Foundation took in millions in donations, only spent thousands on its mission, unless, much like the Clinton Foundation before it, it's real mission is to collect nominally tax exempt funds to give to loyal political servants in salary. 

The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children was founded less than a month after Beau died in 2015. Its mission is to prevent child abuse by educating adults and children.

Its 2020 tax filing shows that while the Beau Biden Foundation received $3.9M in donations, it only spent $544,961 on its mission. It spent only 58% of its budget on its mission, according to CharityWatch, a watchdog group. The total donations includes $1.8M from The Biden Foundation. The foundation also received $225,000 from one of Joe Biden’s top political donors. Almost $1M went to paying the six-figure salaries of executives of the foundation.

It’s a red flag for any charity that spends more on its executives than on the services it provides. Donors are supposed to trust that their contributions go to the mission of a charity, in this case protecting children from child abuse, and not to lining the pockets of its executive leadership.

But, I'll give him this. At least he seems to know what a woman is, even if he sometimes likes them a little young.

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