Monday, March 7, 2022

Sulu, You'll Take Your Inflation and Like It

 At the Spokane Spokesman-Review news that  U.S. gas prices are rising at fastest pace ever as Russia intensifies invasion of Ukraine, AAA says. Well, yes, the Ukraine war has spike the price, but that was on top of about a dollar a gallon increase from when Sleezy Joe took office. The Peacock admits National average for a gallon of gas tops $4, the highest price at the pump since 2008, and Eyewitness News (LA) finds $7 a gallon for regular gasoline? At least 1 gas station in LA is getting close to that mark. From sundance at CTH, Oil Futures Pass $130 Barrel Threshold Against Possibility of Russian Oil Ban. At NBC 12, Biden OKs release of 30 million barrels of oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Otherwise known as a drop in the bucket. From Mike LaChance at LI, Alabama Gas Station Manager Says He Removes Five Or Six Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers From Gas Pumps Each Day. "Apparently, stations can be fined by their corporations for vandalism if the stickers aren’t removed." And as the Victory Girls note, even Mr. Electric Car, Elon Musk Says We Need Oil And Gas Production.

In other inflation news, Food prices jump 20.7% yr/yr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency says, but Sulu says suck it, Conservatives Hammer George Takei For Telling Americans To ‘Endure’ Higher Food, Gas Prices To Hurt Putin, at Da Wire. “We can endure higher prices for food and gas. But some can endure them more easily than others.” At I&I, It’s Time To Kill This Big Fat Biden Lie Once And For All, “We’ve turned the tide on a once-in-a-generation economic crisis. And families are beginning to be able to breathe just a little bit easier.”

Don Surber has Trumpenfreude for Twitter. You know who is still on Twitter? Vladimir Putin. Instyquip, TRUMP IS VIEWED AS A BIGGER THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT.

Never one to avoid hyperbole, Harris compares Republicans to 1960s Alabama state troopers on ‘Bloody Sunday’ according to WaEx. Kylee Zemple at Da Fed, The Wisconsin Supreme Court Chose Democrats’ Redistricting Map But Conservatives Still Won — Here’s How. Chills at CNN, Democrats' problem with Hispanic voters isn't going away as GOP gains seem to be solidifying.

Stacy McCain on What ‘Intellectuals’ Believe. Generally, intellectuals thrill in telling us whatever is common sense is wrong, because "reasons", usually racism. 

Having been educated at an elite private university, of course, Elie Mystal is filled with hatred for the United States:
The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal said Friday on ABC’s “The View” that the United States Constitution is “trash” written by slave-owning white people.

Insty,  WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACISM? UC Berkeley Prof. Zeus Leonardo: Abolish Whiteness, Abolish White People. No wonder as FEE observes, New Data Show the Exodus From Public Schools Is Continuing. Larry Sand at Front Page, on School Transparency Wars, "The least we can do is keep parents informed about what their kids are learning." They don't want the lights on because they don't want you to see. Robert Spencer at PJ Media, Iowa Bans Boys From Pretending to Be Girls to Compete in Girls' Sports, and at WJ, State Lawmakers Finally End the Madness, Ban Trans Athletes from Competing in Female-Only Sports, but as Breitbart notes Utah’s Republican (?) Governor Vows to Veto Trans Sports Ban. Laurel Duggan at Da Caller reports Trans Activists Funded By Big Pharma Push Biased Research Promoting Medical Transitions For Children. There's plenty good money to be made supplying the army with the tools of the trade sex change hormones. Rumble, University of North Texas classroom in Denton erupted into chants of "f*ck these fascists" and slammed their fists on the desks as Jeff Younger tried to speak. CNN, Texas state House candidate fighting child gender-affirming care is shouted down at a college campus event.

Althouse finds a school mask apologist at WaPoo (I'm shocked), "Being deprived of seeing half of the face could be overcome precisely because of that brain plasticity. Babies and young children are far more adaptable to their changing conditions in the world than we are as adults."

Said David Lewkowicz, who studies speech and language development in young children, quoted in "Do masks for young children impede their language development? Research is sparse on this issue. But the few studies that do exist suggest masks do not inhibit kids from learning how to communicate"

A poll at YouGov asks Poll: Who should get to decide on masks and medicine?. Each of us individually of course. "It found that 42% of Americans say parents should have most of the authority to decide if K-12 students should wear masks; just 7% say teachers." At PopSci, You still probably have to wear a mask while traveling, "Most forms of public transportation in the US, including trains, buses, and ride-shares, are still requiring masks despite the CDC relaxing indoor regulations."  But, from WSJ, cited at Haut Hair, Restaurants debate masks as COVID rules rapidly disappear

Rebecca Downs at Town Hall, This PolitFact's Fact-Check on Ron DeSantis and Masking is Looking Rather Pathetic. Why would you expect to be any better than most "fact-checks?" At WJ, Media Interviews Mom Raging Over DeSantis Telling Her Son to Take Off Mask - It Blows Up in Her Face. "Marshall disingenuously twisted DeSantis’ words to suggest that he thinks “parents don’t matter” and that he wouldn’t allow people to wear masks even if they wanted to." A standard media tactic employed against Republicans. At  Am Mind Faith Moore says Parents Must Say No to COVID Fear.

In Jan 6 related material, at Da Mail, Bill Barr says if he were AG he would not prosecute Trump for January 6 riot despite holding him 'morally responsible' and claims he wouldn't go after ex-president for taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago. Because, what you might want, and what's really allowed by the law may not be the same thing. At Red State, Leslie McAdoo Gordon details how a January 6 Defendant Being is Illegally Detained – Locked up More Than 80 Days With No Indictment. The process is the punishment. 'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI reports Federal Judge Rejects Dem Activist Attempt To Keep Madison Cawthorn Off NC Ballot Via 14th Amendment Insurrectionist Bar

With unpopular policies that drive inflation, laser focus on socio-cultural destruction that only a tiny (but vocal) portion of their own party cares about, and a hugely unpopular president and vice president, Democrats are giving up on winning elections at the polls and have turned to, among other tactics, trying to use their ridiculous faux hysteria about J6 to disqualify Republicans from running for office.

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn was targeted for such a move based on his speaking at a public event on January 6, 2021. The crazy left is attempting to argue that his giving a speech “amounted to an insurrection.”

A judge just blocked this ridiculous attempt to block Cawthorn from running for office.
. . .
Chief District Court Judge Richard Myers said he couldn’t allow the challenge, filed by attorneys looking to label the first-term Republican as an insurrectionist who should be legally barred from the ballot, to move forward. The courts, Myers said, must protect the soapbox, the ballot box and the jury box.

Chris Queen at PJ Media, Hate-Hoaxing Atlanta Rioters Who Tried to Frame Trump Supporters Convicted.

Da Mail, DC police warn commuters to expect massive traffic delays on Monday morning as 1,000-vehicle-strong People's Convey readies to 64-mile Washington DC Beltway. A traffic jam on the beltway? How novel! BuzzFeed whines The Trucker Convoy Is Circling Washington, DC, To Slow Down Traffic In Protest Of Vaccine Restrictions. It would be more effective to threaten to boycott deliveries to Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, 'Bonchie' at Red State hears Justin Trudeau Deliver a Bizarre and Revealing Rant on ‘Democracy’

Trudeau: "we see a bit of a slippage in our democracies. Countries turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders. Countries allowing increasing misinformation and disinformation to be shared on social media"
I find this incredibly revealing and instructive, not just about Trudeau’s asinine, authoritarian views, but also about how the distortion of “democracy” has become so pervasive throughout the West. It is completely Orwellian to suggest that it is “authoritarian” for countries to not centrally control the flow of information, dictating what people can or can’t say under the guise of stopping “misinformation.” Yet, that view has become orthodoxy among the world’s elites.

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