Wednesday, March 30, 2022

OK, Groomers!

You might have observed that my "political" post for the morning has lost some of it's pandemic weight over the last few days. I just had too many topics to juggle, and they were dragging out well past the pot of coffee.  Among of the subjects that I demoted were the culture war material, in a folder still titled "Younkin", because that's how it originated. It not that I don't care anymore, it's just that it was all overwhelming my plan to deal with it. With that in mind, many of the issues in that are folded in to Stacy McCain post, ‘OK, Groomer’: Democrats Go All-In on Promoting LGBTQ to Young Children

As a midterm campaign platform, I’m not sure Democrats have a winning issue with the “Drag Queen Story Hour” agenda, which is essentially how they’ve reacted since Florida passed its Parental Rights in Education bill. Deliberately misrepresenting the bill with the “Don’t Say Gay” slogan, Democrats at the same time insist that public school teachers have a right — nay, a duty — to indoctrinate children with pro-LGBTQ ideology.

If anyone ever doubted that most public-school employees are left-wing activists, that doubt has now been eliminated:
A Texas teacher claimed that 20 of her 32 fourth grade students came out to her as LGBTQ, according to internal messages from the district reviewed by the Daily Caller.
Austin Independent School District’s Blackshear Elementary School hosted a Pride parade for elementary schoolers, which the school’s principal dubbed a “Wellness Walk,” according to internal messages originally obtained by the Twitter account, LibsofTikTok. One teacher launched into a tirade against having a “Wellness Walk” during Pride week.
“[It] takes away from the experience of celebrating Pride,” the teacher said in internal messages.
“I feel that it is inappropriate to call our parade this morning a ‘Wellness Walk’ at all. While I understand that Wellness Walk is something that was previously in motion to promote health and fitness and is something we want to continue, it really takes away from the experience of celebrating Pride to couple the two,” the teacher said.
“The first Pride was a riot. It was not enough to just ‘welcome,’ ‘love,’ and ‘celebrate’ Queer folx,” she continued. “Your allyship should always lead you to activism – speaking up and fighting for what is right, even when it feels uncomfortable. We can’t choose in and out of our protest spaces.”
The teacher went on to say that of the 32 students that she teaches, “20 of them are LGBTQIA+ and have come out to me.”
“I feel that we need to do better – for them,” the teacher said. “To affirm our students, I think it would only be appropriate and right to publicly announce [that] what we had this morning was a PRIDE Parade.”
These people are insane. They should be in mental institutions, not in public schools. In fact, in a sane country, they would be prohibited from having any contact with children anywhere. Ace of Spades calls attention to a kindergarten teacher in Florida who complains that the new law will interfere with his ability to talk about his gay sex life with 5-year-olds.

Read the rest.

The human race would not have survived or even evolved if 20 out of 32 children were actually LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.  That's just ridiculous. While there is an extremely remote statistical chance of the happening by happenstance, the obvious explanation is that the teacher was teaching, promoting, encouraging, and rewarding students who identified themselves as such to her. That is the very definition of "grooming".

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