Thursday, March 24, 2022

Supreme Court Gives Democrats Heart Palpitations over Wisconsin Gerrymander

And other election stuff. Wisconsin Star, U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down New Wisconsin Legislative Maps, Upholds Congressional Boundaries.  WaPoo whines Supreme Court sides with Wisconsin Republicans, throws out Democratic-drawn legislative maps favorable to Black residents, "The justices left in place congressional maps that had been challenged by Republicans"

A divided Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out Wisconsin state legislative maps drawn by the state’s Democratic governor and adopted by its highest court, a win for Republicans who control the legislature.

In a separate case, the high court refused a request from Republicans to block a new congressional map that the Wisconsin court had selected.

Republicans who control the legislature filed an emergency request for the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the legislature redistricting case, saying Gov. Tony Evers shifted too many voters to create an additional majority-Black district that Democrats said was required by the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA).

The decision was another in which the court majority expressed skepticism about efforts to redraw maps to boost minority chances. But as a practical matter in Wisconsin, it might not drastically change outcomes in the fall elections. Republicans have the advantage in maps drawn by the legislature and by Evers.

Bonchie at Red State, Supreme Court Decision on Redistricting Leaves Democrats Reeling

This decision is just the latest step by the Supreme Court to limit the ability of the Voting Rights Act to serve as a partisan tool for Democrats to racially gerrymander for their own political gain. For decades, Democrat officeholders have used the VRA test of proportionality to ensure they retain power in predominately urban areas while ignoring all other factors. The conservatives on the Supreme Court are not keen to let that continue and have been chipping away at such practices for several years now.

That has the left panicking because the VRA has represented a primary resource in retaining power. So, while I don’t know how this Wisconsin case will ultimately turn out, that’s actually a secondary concern here. What’s far more noteworthy in all this is that the Supreme Court is continuing to scrutinize the VRA and its application, specifically in cases where it is being used as cover for partisan redistricting.

Althouse, a retired law professor from Wisconsin, "In a per curiam (unsigned) opinion on the shadow docket, over the dissent of Justices Kagan and Sotomayor, the Supreme Court has rejected a redistricting plan that a divided Wisconsin Supreme Court had adopted..." wonders "Why do only Sotomayor and Kagan dissent? What about Breyer?"

Meanwhile, Biden hasn't found the bottom yet, Reuters reports Biden approval rating drops to new low of 40%, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds. And Anxious is anxious that Exclusive poll: Inflation hits Latino support for Democrats. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair notes No bounce for Biden from Ukraine invasion response.  Don Surber finds Only 29% of Democrats say they are better off with Biden. I'm amazed 71% are that honest. Joel Kotkin at Spike warns of The coming bloodbath of the Democrats, "Joe Biden's woke, green agenda will cost him dearly at the ballot box."

Joy Pullman at Da Fed wonders Did The New York Times Admit Joe Biden Is Corrupt So Democrats Can Get Rid Of Him? Sounds like it. Instaquip, THAT SEEMS TO BE THE WAY THE WIND IS BLOWING.

Rick Moran at PJ Media, reports Democrats Consider Altering Primary Calendar to Exclude Too-White Iowa

Also from Insty, THE LESS THEY RESPECT THEMSELVES, THE MORE THEY DEMAND OUTWARD TOKENS OF RESPECT FROM OTHERS: Vice President Kamala Harris stung that White House staff failed to stand when she entered the room. Ace, Book: Biden's (Female) Communications Director Suggested a Scandalous Theory: Maybe the Person Failing to Position Kamala Harris for Success Is...(wait for it...) ... Kamala Harris Herself! PLOT TWIST! "Holy crap, this is like the end of The Usual Suspects! My sense of reality is dissolving and I don't know what to believe any longer!"

At HE, Indiana Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Paper Backup for All Voting Machines, but wait; at PJ Media Kevin Downey announces Finally: A Transparent Voting Process That Can't Be Corrupted, Hacked, or Cheated — Democrats Will Hate It

It can be used to vote in person or from anywhere on the planet. Here is how that aspect works:

You get a scratch-off “ballot” (again, based on the same technology as a lottery scratch-off ticket) from any retail store, scratch it, and scan the QR code underneath with your phone (you can also enter the info into your home computer browser).
  • Your browser is then directed to a website.
  • Eligible registered voters cast their votes.
  • The vote is private, secure, and sent directly to a secure database. It cannot be altered or deleted.
When voting is closed, the secretary of State applies a decryption key to the repository and tallies the votes in seconds. She/he can give the key to anyone who wants to see the results (including voters). The tallies can’t be altered.

The public instantly knows how many votes each candidate received.

No more waiting to find boxes of ballots stashed in the back of a '56 Chevy? What's the fun in that?

Henry Rogers at Da Caller claims an EXCLUSIVE: McCarthy Explains Why He Hasn’t Kicked Out Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger From Republican Conference. Because that's up to us voters. Seems obvious. Ace catches the unsinkable Mollie Hemingway catching Liz Cheney admitting "Look, I'm a Republican... Well Not All Republican"

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