Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Masks, Vaccines, Education and Convoys

And so forth. Back to the politics. Megan Fox at PJ Media, Florida Democrats Continue the Stupid Lie That Republicans Don't Want Anyone to Say 'Gay'. It's not a stupid lie. It's a malicious lie. Ace, Democrats, Media Fume About Florida Parental Rights In Education Bill, Which Forbids Instructing 5 Year Olds In Transgenderism and Homosexuality, Calling It the "Don't Say Gay" Bill

The media departs from all prior "journalistic" protocol and calls it nearly universally the "Don't Say Gay" law -- using the Democrats' propagandistic nickname for the bill -- and the few times they use the bill's actual name, they call it "the so-called Parental Rights in Education Bill."

Did you catch that? The made-up propaganda name is the real name, and the real name is the "so-called" name.

News Thud,  “It’s why people don’t trust people like you” – Gov. DeSantis DROPS THE MIC on reporter peddling false narratives. Via the Wombat, Twitchy, ‘RIP to the reporter Ron DeSantis just murdered’: Governor pushes back against what ‘critics’ call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and Louder with Crowder, Ron DeSantis Exposes Truth About 'Don't Say Gay' Bill - Louder With Crowder. Sundance at CTH, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vs The Florida Lügenpresse. But it was DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw, who really showed how it's done. At the Floridian, DeSantis Spokeswoman Pushaw Triggers Progressive Democratic Lawmaker.  Wa Free Bee, DeSantis’ Spokeswoman Christina Pushaw Ignites Controversy By Suggesting Critics Of The Parental Rights In Education Bill Are “Groomers”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ main spokeswoman ruffled a few liberal feathers on Sunday after she suggested the Parental Rights in Education bill could fairly be called an “anti-grooming” bill.

The bill at issue would prohibit teachers in public schools from discussing issues of sexual orientation or gender identity with children in grades kindergarten through three. Under the bill’s language, local school districts could opt to block those topics for older children as well.

Luke Rosiak at NYPo tells How a dad became ‘Enemy #1’ to teachers in Loudoun County, Virginia,and how they tried to get him arrested and his kids taken away as a result. Read it, it's frightening. “Schools do not exist to employ teachers. They exist to effectively educate kids,” he said." Megan Fox at PJ Media, Loudoun County School District Called CPS on Dad for Asking Questions About Bad Teachers and Stephen Kruiser, Public Schools Really Don't Want Parents to Do Any Parenting. At Behind the Black, Pushback: Christian HS student sues school for persecuting him because of his religion. NYT, cited at Haut Hair tells the tale I came to college eager to debate. I found self-censorship instead. Insty, HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: NY Times published an opinion piece on campus self-censorship and progressives are proving the author’s point. LI, via the Wombat, has a VIDEO: Exposing BLM at School—a deep dive into the indoctrination of fourth-graders

AP whines that Mask mandates go away in schools, but parent worries persist. NYPo reports Broadway to maintain COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandate through April. Hey, it's New York City. The can wear masks until eternity as far as I'm concerned. At Da Wire, Dad Facing Jail Time For Going Maskless To Son’s Game Wins In Court, Has Further Plans For District in Rochester, NY. In San Diego, State Agency Conducted ‘Mask Raids,’ Interviewed Preschoolers Alone. At Mynorthwest, a Maskless Rep. Jayapal admits she ‘undermines our democracy’ in shocking tweets. Even the NYT (cited at Haut Hair) admits that It's "alarming": Children are severely behind in reading, thanks to masks and lockdowns. 

Matt Margolis at PJ Media hears Florida Will Be First State to Recommend Against COVID-19 Vax for Healthy Kids. Ace, in red italics, with a masked flaming skull, Florida Will Become First State to Recommend That Healthy Children Not Receive the Covid-19 Vaccine, "Someone strap down AllahPundit and inject him with 500 cc's of thorazine." I think this a good call; healthy kids have next to no risk from the WuFlu, and reports of side effects from the vaccines are growing. At Zero Hedge, 'Tyler Durnden' CDC Director: Nobody Said COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Might Wane. That's just bullshit, the minute they started talking about vaccines, they were talking about how their effects might only last a short time. At Clarion,  EXCLUSIVE: In Leaked Audio Former NIH Director/New Biden Science Adviser Laughs Over Threatening Unemployment To Force Vaccines, Blames Trump For COVID-19 Deaths "Collins said evangelicals, in particular, over-emphasize notions of personal liberty when it comes to mandates, saying they have so “wrapped themselves in the flag and wrapped themselves in this concept of personal freedom, that public health just grates on them.”" Joel Kotkin at Am Mind, Long Covid, The societal effects of the pandemic will remain with us.

Millions of surviving businesses now increasingly have to rely for services and products via what analyst Mike Lind calls “toll booth” companies like Google and Amazon, which charge a fee for transactions once performed by small business owners. Even today, according to an Alignable.com survey, only 16 percent of small business owners – who have been particularly hard hit by inflation and labor shortages—feel the government has done much to help them. Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard Medical School, summarized the impact: “Lockdowns have protected the laptop class of young low-risk journalists, scientists, teachers, politicians and lawyers, while throwing children, the working class and high-risk older people under the bus.”

Insty,  KAROL MARKOWICZ: Why we must demand that leaders who got COVID wrong admit it and apologize.

As COVID restrictions end around the country, and Democratic politicians pretend that something about the science has changed instead of their poll numbers being in the dirt, Americans must first demand: apologies.

Here, I’ll even go first. I spent much of 2020 and 2021 writing again and again arguing for the opening of schools throughout the country. But in March 2020, I was one of the leading voices urging schools to close.

It made no sense to me that my husband had stopped going into the office because of the mysterious new virus but my children continued to go to school. People were dying in large numbers in Italy and I was afraid.

I never imagined that “two weeks to slow the spread” would turn into two years, and counting, of pausing the lives of children to accommodate hypochondriac adults.

I was wrong. I’m sorry.

Now you go.
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On the People's Convoy, Joseph Curl at Da Wire claims ‘People’s Convoy’ Prepares To Jam Up Washington D.C. Traffic. How could you tell the difference from a normal day? KT at Haut Hair, Capitol Police Board issues emergency declaration as protest convoy reaches D.C. area. From Breitbart, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Extends National Guard Mobilization for Trucker Convoy. At Da Wire, Trucker Convoy Delays, Avoids D.C. Out Of ‘Safety’ Concerns, 'I am fearful of them trying to do to us what they did to those involved to Jan 6.' Rick Moran at PJ Media thinks The People's Convoy Makes Its Mark Despite Media Blackout

There were no traffic jams. The convoy was orderly, almost precision-like in its discipline. The protesters gave the right of way to other vehicles using the highway, staying in the right-hand lane for the entire circuit. It was peaceful.

Despite the expectations of the media and many in government that the convoy would become violent, the protesters have, so far, shown no inclination to cause disruptions to Washington traffic or take part in violent demonstrations in the city itself.
. . .
Brase and some of the other drivers will meet with Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday about the government’s pandemic response. In truth, the two senators aren’t likely to hear anything they haven’t heard before. But the symbolism was significant given that the rest of Congress has been ignoring the protest.


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