Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Sunday Political Roundup

Teach at Pirate's Cove has Bad News For Brandon: Poll Shows Economy Is Most Important Issue. WaPoo opines (though they call it "analysis")  Democratic campaign chair Sean Patrick Maloney faces toughest job in politics, "He has a blunt message for his party: ‘The problem is not the voters. The problem is us.’" John Sexton at Haut Hair says that as the White House puts BBB on the backburner, progressives predict disaster. Of course they do, but when have they ever been right on the economy? Politico warns ‘You will see the wrath’ — Progressives warn Biden against cutting down agenda. NYT, cited at Haut Hair, urges House Dems to push Biden to build a better midterm message. We'll steal your stuff slower? As Breitbart sees it, Democrats Want Biden to use Executive Authority on Party’s Far-Left Agenda. WaPoo, Biden, Democrats infuse Ukraine crisis into a recast election-year pitch to voters. Trying to polish their own turd.

While Psaki Briefs TikTok Influencers: 'Russians Hacked 2016 Election' (Daily Political Newswire), ABC reports an Elections official in Michigan charged with ballot tampering in the 2020 primary. At the end of the fourth paragraph they admit she's a Democrat. Dan Balz at WaPoo, Democrats take aim at Iowa as they seek to change their nominating system, Des Moines Register, National Democratic leaders draft proposal to reshape presidential calendar, threatening Iowa caucuses.  I guess they're not happy with their choices. 

Well, she's right. At Da Wire, ‘It Would Be A Tragedy If This Woman Won The Presidency’: Zelensky’s Ex-Press Secretary Blasts Kamala In Since-Deleted TweetBenny@bennyjohnson, "Only Kamala Harris would find it appropriate to laugh when talking about the topic of Ukrainian Refugees." In poker, it would be a tell; Kamala laughs when she lies.  Anxious, "This one is on us, the people of Texas": Beto makes his case for governor.  Althouse, "I just had a chance to meet with the ambassador from the EU. We talked about the fact that you’re seeing the continued rise of authoritarians and thugs across the world. And we have our own, right here, in the state of Texas."

Said Beto O'Rourke, quoted in "O’Rourke calls Abbott a 'thug' and an 'authoritarian' who’s 'got his own oligarch here in the state of Texas'/The Democratic nominee for governor slammed the Republican incumbent in harsh terms, presaging a bitter lead-up to an election nearly eight months away" (The Texas Tribune).

Now, I think O'Rourke is utterly unqualified to hold serious power, because he seems to have had the delusion that he could aggressively assert that Abbott is part of the "rise of authoritarians and thugs across the world" without needing to back up his statement with any fact or argument. And this was not a casual, unguarded remark. He was sitting — "in a crowded hall at the South by Southwest festival" — doing an interview with Evan Smith, the CEO and co-founder of The Texas Tribune.

Morgan Ortigas
The Tennessee Star still has the long knife out for Morgan Ortagus, TN-5 Carpetbagger Candidate Morgan Ortagus to GOP-Controlled Tennessee General Assembly: Drop Dead!

Atop Da Hill, Bill Barr takes pains to tell us Trump's 'not my idea of a president' “I think a lot of people agree with his policies. They like his strength and his directness. But to the extent they support them, it's despite these — this kind of obnoxious behavior, it's not because of it,"

From Fox, Treasury Sec. Yellen contradicts Psaki: Likely to see another year of 'very uncomfortable' inflation. Andrew Mark Miller@AndyMarkMiller, "Two economies in one year. Not bad." in response to Psaki: 'We have basically crushed the Russian economy.' At WaPoo, Beyond the pump: Record gas prices are pushing up everyday costs, dampening economic recovery.  NYPo, Uber to roll out fuel surcharge in United States with surging gas prices. Drew Allen at Town Hall, Biden Voters Can Clap Like Seals Because They Voted for Unaffordable Gas Prices. NewsMax, Democrats Propose Tax on Oil Companies to 'Curb Profiteering'. And just who do they think will ultimately pay that tax? Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Manchin: Here's how Biden can help fix his energy crisis "Senate Energy Chairman Joe Manchin called on the Biden administration to use the Defense Production Act if necessary to rush completion of a stalled pipeline through his state to help Europe replace Russian natural gas supplies." That would be a start, but instead, WaPoo reports Biden is trying to squeeze oil out of Venezuela U.S. outreach to Venezuela strengthens Maduro, sidelines Guaidó. Even TNR asks Should Biden Really Be Begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for Oil? Kim Jarrett at JTN, Alaska governor says state is awash in energy but can't capitalize on it, "Dunleavy criticized the Biden administration for not defending a federal court ruling that stopped a project by ConocoPhillips Alaska." Humberto Fontova at Town Hall, Putin Isn’t the One Who Banned U.S. Offshore Oil Drilling. Bongino at Fox, Destruction of US fossil fuel has been Biden admin's 'energy suicide plan' since day 1. Ed Driscoll at Insty, WE HAVE POUNCING AND SEIZING!

● “If he doesn’t block Russian oil and gas imports, Biden opens himself to allegations that he’s giving Putin precious breathing room. And the GOP is itching to pounce.”

Politico Playbook: How gas prices could crush Biden and the Democrats, March 3rd.

Republicans seize on rising gas prices amid Ukraine conflict.

 Megan Fox at PJ Media, Watch: Biden Regret! Guess Who Misses Trump Now?. Bill Maher, Trevor Noah? Well worth breaking my no Tweet Guidelines for:

From JTN, California's mask mandate for schools ends Saturday. Good, but now Get rid of masks on planes, says Karol Markowicz, "There isn’t a single study with a control group that shows they work. Follow the science!" KM White at Town Hall, In Push for Mask Mandates, ACLU Betrays the Civil Liberties of Vulnerable Children "The ACLU of today cares little about bureaucratic overreach so long as the officials doing the overreaching are on its political team, and it gladly sacrifices the civil liberties of individuals if doing so advances its left-leaning agenda." At NYT, cited by Haut Hair, “I’m confused at how we go so sharply from one extreme to the other” on masking.

Gov. DeSantis on Disney: "How do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship from the Communist Party of China? Because that’s what they do, and they make a fortune, and they don’t say a word about the really brutal practices at the hands of the CCP."
"The consternation over the Parental Rights in Education bill, passed by the legislature in Florida, continues apace. As RedState reported, the falsehoods being perpetrated about the bill are mind-numbing, including the idea that it bans saying the word “gay,” when that term is not even mentioned in the text."

Also, OKAY, GROOMER: Chasten Buttigieg Leads Kids in Pledge to the Gay FlagAlthouse wants you to "[C]onsider the case of [the] assistant principal... fired for reading a class a book called 'I Need a New Butt!'" Probably harmless, but in poor taste. At PM, Kansas teacher sues district after she was suspended for refusing to use student's preferred pronouns.

Ed Driscoll at Insty, ESCAPE FROM WOMANHOOD:

Helena Kerschner is a 23-year-old detransitioned woman who identified as transgender during her teenage years and was prescribed testosterone shortly after her 18th birthday. After being on testosterone for a year and a half, she realized that transitioning was a misguided way of dealing with her social and emotional struggles. Now, years later, she is interested in exploring the cultural and psychological factors that contribute to the sharp rise in the number of adolescent girls identifying as transgender and choosing to medically transition with hormones and surgeries.

More at Twitchy,  Young people tell their gender transition (and de-transition) stories to mark #DetransAwarenessDay. Regrets, they've had a few. 

At WaEx, White House proclaims 'Social Emotional Learning Day,' ignores ties to CRT, but KT at Town Hall, finds the First prominent Democrat to flip flop on support of CRT in schools is... Robert Francis "Beano" O'Rourke. When in Texas. I presume he's lying. So should you. Campus Reform reports that for the 2022 Midterms: 20-1, North Carolina university employees are donating to Democrats over Republicans. About what I'd expect. At PM, Florida middle schoolers face hate crime charges after racially motivated attack on white students, "The middle schoolers reportedly yelled things like "It’s opposite day" and "brown power" as they beat the other students." The media generated an expectation that they'd get away with it.

From Sophie Mann at JTN, Michael Flynn appears before Jan. 6 panel, invokes Fifth Amendment rights "Former Trump national security advisor attempted last December to quash subpoenas committee issued him." He should have flipped them off, too. ADN, California bill would revoke tax-exempt status of nonprofits that supported Jan. 6 attack, "The bill would allow a nonprofit organization’s tax-exempt status to be revoked if the state determines the organization has “actively engaged in, or incited the active engagement in, acts or conspiracies defined as criminal under specified federal law." Sounds like all kinds of constitutional problems to me, starting with an ex-post facto law.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: “Violent” 2D Girls up at The Other McCain on time and under budget.

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