Sunday, March 13, 2022

Beach Report 3/13/22

Yesterday was just awful. We woke up to the sound of thunder around 6 AM, and what followed was 2/3 of an inch of rain, followed by sleet and snow, as the temperature dropped more or less continuously from 47 to 22 this morning. 

But today is bright and sunny and warming up fairly well, and what wind there is is light from the south, which barely affects the beach.
In the wake of the storm we had a blow out tide, and even though we arrived almost exactly at high tide, there was lots of beach. I found this dolphin vertebrae (I presume) with some clay clinging to it from the cliffs
And this magnificent (if slightly broken) White Shark tooth, 1 and 11/16ths inch. All told we found 16 teeth. 
Sorry about giving you the finger. 

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