Thursday, March 17, 2022

Annals of the Biden Crime Family - NYT Comes Clean, Admits Hunter Laptop Real

Ace, who does outrage best, Breaking News from "The Paper of Record:" Hunter Biden's Laptop, Which the New York Times Claimed Throughout the Election was "Russian Disinformation," Is Now Confirmed as Real by the New York Times


You don't say. You don't say.

Welcome to seventeen months ago.

Now that it can't affect any Democrat's electoral chances -- Biden is not running in 2024; it's an open question whether he'll be breathing in 2024 -- the New York Times finally decides to do some bare-minimum fact-checking and discovers, shock of shock, the thing that was obviously real is in fact real and obviously so.
A comprehensive report about the ongoing federal probe into Hunter Biden's tax filings published by the New York Times on Wednesday night confirmed the existence of the first son's infamous laptop.
As part of their investigation into Hunter Biden, the Times reports, federal prosecutors have looked into emails between the first son and his former business associates that were recovered from the laptop.

Some of the scrutinized correspondence was between Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, who had served with the first son on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma, the report said.

Archer, who was sentenced last month in an unrelated fraud case, has "cooperated completely" with the feds in their probe into Hunter Biden, The Post has reported.
People familiar with the emails and investigation confirmed their authenticity to the Times.
Tony Bobulinksi, a former business partner of Hunter Biden and "The Big Guy," already confirmed the authenticity of the emails, a week after the laptop was publicized. Bobulinski was an addressee in the email threads and therefore could confirm that the email threads he was part of years ago were the exact same threads on the laptop.

But apparently the New York Times thought Bobulinski, a Navy veteran, might be a Russian Disinformation Agent.

Or something.

They never really wanted to talk about Tony Bobulinski much. They couldn't outright call him a Russian Agent, or they'd get sued, so they just... pretended he didn't exist.

The leftwing propaganda media does a lot of pretending these days.

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