Thursday, March 31, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

This episode in a continuing series (Oregon, My Oregon is the State Song), from Ace, who is doing dynamite work in exposing the groomers in our educational system, Oregon Middle School Teacher, Who Is Openly Gay, Teaches CRT and "Normalizes Pronouns," and Opposes Florida's Anti-Groomer Law, Sent Nudes to a Middle School Student

Keep cases like this in mind when they insist -- which they always do -- that students should never tell parents about what their groomer teachers are telling the kids about sex.

Every pedophile urges the "Don't Tell Mom and Dad" rule.

So do these state-paid groomers.
An Oregon middle school teacher is under investigation by local police after he allegedly sent a nude photograph to a student.

Dean Wright, a Judson Middle School teacher, was placed on paid administrative leave this week in response to the incident, District spokesman Aaron Harada said, according to the Salem Reporter.

In an email sent to parents on Monday, Judson principle Alicia Kruska informed parents of the incident.
Wait, they told the parents?

That's a violation of the Don't Tell Mom and Dad rule!
"Today, I received a report of an inappropriate image believed to be a Salem-Keizer employee circulating on social media," the email stated.

"Because of this concerning report, I wanted to make sure you had accurate information so you could address questions that your student may have."

Kruska did not specify who the employee was, nor specify what the image was. However, the image is reportedly a nude selfie. Kruska said that "it is believed that this image has been viewed by some students."
This man, accused of sending nude photos of himself to very underaged boys, posted a video showing what he was most proud of as a teacher.

It wasn't teaching kids reading or math.

It was teaching them about transgenderism and the myriad of mental-illness pronouns they use.

Also,  Turnkey Pedophilia: Leaked Documents Coach Teachers About How to Spot and Recruit LGBT (or LGBT-Persuadable) Students, and How to Hide All of This From Mom and Dad. Forget it Jake, it's California

Normalizing talking about sex with non-parent adults, and then normalizing keeping those Sexual Rap Sessions secret from Mom and Dad.

The absolute perfect hunting grounds for a child predator. Kids are being pre-coached that they're supposed to keep sex stuff secret.
Then, This just happened: 

I has long been my belief the many people go into jobs because they are interested in them. Scientists tend to like to solve questions, engineers like to build new things. Many cops enjoy bullying people, and bureaucrats . . . well, I can't figure out what motivates them. However, it does appear some fraction of teachers go into teaching with an interest to proselytize them into sex sexual deviancy. 

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