Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Ever Forward Still Stuck

 WaPoo, Tugboats fail to dislodge huge ship stuck in Chesapeake Bay

Efforts failed Tuesday to refloat the huge cargo ship that is stuck in the Chesapeake Bay, the Coast Guard said.

Seagoing agencies will try again Wednesday to free the Ever Forward from the bay floor, a Coast Guard spokeswoman said.

Five tugboats tried to “push and pull” the 1,095-foot container ship off the bay bottom, said Petty Officer 3rd Class Kimberly Reaves, a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard’s Mid-Atlantic district.

But, she said Tuesday night, they had “no luck.”

They will try again Wednesday when tides are expected to be higher and may make the effort easier. The “few extra feet of water” could help, Reaves said.

After several days of dredging mud from around the hull, authorities made their first effort Tuesday to refloat the ship, working from around noon until evening, Reaves said.

Wednesday night is coming right up, and it looks like they have a much better tide than yesterday. If it won't come unstuck tonight, tomorrows high tide is predicted to be about 6 inches higher. That might make the difference. After that it might get tough again for a while 

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