Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Collins Caves, To Vote for Ketanji

So, as I expected, there will be enough Republican defectors to put Ketanji Brown Jackson  on the Supreme Court without relying on the constitutionally dubious tie-breaking vote of Kamala Harris. Mary Chatain at LI, Susan Collins Will Vote to Confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS, "“…she had been reassured that Judge Jackson would not be ‘bending the law to meet a personal preference’ and that the nominee met her personal standard for serving on the court.” Do I believe such a promise? Not for a minute. NYT, cited at Haut Hair, Susan Collins to back Jackson for SCOTUS, giving her a GOP vote, Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Collins to vote for KBJ. Will Murkowski be next? Probably. Alex Nitzberg at Da Blaze, Mitt Romney, who voted against confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson last year, says he has not decided whether he will support elevating her to the Supreme Court. He probably will, just to spite other Republicans. KT at Haut Hair, Thune predicts three GOP votes for KBJ but his is not one of them. I'm a little conflicted. I would like to return to the days of less strident confirmations, but the Democrats started this with Clarence Thomas, and I don't want to reward their tactics.

Drew Allen at Am Great, Ketanji Jackson Is the Best Candidate for Democrats But the Worst for America,
"According to Joe Biden, Jackson possesses a “brilliant legal mind.” But she can’t even define “woman.”" CNS News, Sen. Cramer: 'It's a Pretty Serious Problem' That Judge Jackson Cannot Define the Word 'Woman' . Joh Hinderacker at Power Line, What’s a Woman? Who Can Say?  Josiah Lippincott at Am Great, Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Neither Black Nor a Woman, "Precious few on the Left can be saved by arguments or logic. It’s time to recognize the power of mockery." At Front Page, Ketanji Brown Jackson Puts the Moral Poverty of Identity Politics on Display, "“I actually don't know the answer to that question — I'm sorry — I don't."" At the Babylon Bee, Conan The Barbarian Acquires Biology Degree So He Can Know Whose Lamentations He's Hearing. Only liberal certified gender scientists will be entitled to opine. On the plus side, she handed Republicans one of the greatest issues for the midterms and the next election. YaHoo! Senate Judiciary Committee sets vote on Ketanji Brown Jackson's historic nomination. April 4. Remember, it's still 50:50.

Buck Throckmorton at Aces Morning Rant: KBJ’s Supreme Court Nomination & The Famous GOP Lie, “If We Only Had Another Republican Senator”

The GOP has 50 Senate seats, and so do the Democrats, therefore the Democrats’ 50 votes, plus Kamala’s tie-breaking vote, gives the Democrats the 51 votes necessary for confirmation. [I’m aware of the Constitutional debate as to whether the VP can break ties on judicial confirmation votes. - Buck]

If we only had two more Republican senators from Georgia…

This is where it’s all a big fraud. It doesn’t matter how many GOP senators there are. As many as is needed will always peel away to confirm a Democrat president’s Supreme Court nominees. If the GOP had 60 senators right now, we would need 61, because at least 11 would peel away and vote to confirm KBJ. And if we had 61 senators, we would need 62. And then the National Republican Senatorial Committee would still beg for more money, promising that just one or two more GOP senators could have blocked the confirmation…

Stacey Matthews at LI,  To Paint Ketanji Brown Jackson as a Victim, WaPo Memory Holes Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings, "“Republicans boast they have not pulled a Kavanaugh. In fact, they’ve treated Ketanji Brown Jackson worse,” the Washington Post editorial board alleged. . . . In the piece, they claimed in so many words that questioning Jackson’s sentencing record on child sex predators, her work defending Gitmo detainees, and her ties to far-left organizations was much more shameful than being accused of being a serial gang rapist." Matt Margolis at PJ Media, COVER-UP: White House Accused of Withholding Docs on SCOTUS Nominee. We have to vote for the nominee to find out what's in her. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, Ketanji Brown Jackson's claim child pornographers aren't pedophiles disputed by own experts and at Breitbart, Ketanji Brown Jackson Disagreed with Expert Witness’s Definition of Pedophilia. You can find (or pay) an expert to say anything. Willis Krumholz at Da Fed, It Shouldn’t Be Hard To Condemn Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Leniency For Child Predators.

At PM, WHO IS LYING? White House says Biden watched SCOTUS nom hearings, Biden says he didn't. Are we sure he remembers what he did yesterday? Matt Margolis sees how Dems Found a Sneaky Way to Get a Statue of RBG at the Capitol

At NYPo, Jan. 6 committee likely to request Ginni Thomas testimony. A polite refusal is in order, but so might be flipping them off. Paul Bedard at WaEx, Criticism of Ginni Thomas seen as backdoor, racist squeeze on Justice Thomas. It looks pretty up front to me. Rick Moran at PJ Media, AOC Stomps Her Little Foot and Demands That Justice Thomas Resign or Face Impeachment. Anxious, Progressives raise specter of Thomas impeachment. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Democrats: If we can't impeach Clarence Thomas, he should just recuse himself. Bulwark Girlz Is Ginni Thomas’s Story Believable?. And at the Slantic, cited at Haut Hair, David Frum predictably blames Trump, The problem is bigger than Ginni Thomas. From Breitbart, Portman: Ginni Thomas’ Texts ‘Might Be an Issue’ for Justice Thomas if Before SCOTUS

Jeff Lloyd at Am Spec predicts  The Liberal Smear Job Designed to Intimidate Justice Thomas Will Fail "What better way to target Justice Thomas than by attacking his wife?" At Da Wire, Virginia Kruta hears Jonathan Turley Flames The Left Over Calls To Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas, ‘Raging Impeachment Addiction’ and Tim Pearce, Ron DeSantis Backs Clarence Thomas Over Progressive Calls For Impeachment: ‘Greatest Living Justice’

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