Monday, March 28, 2022

Winding Down on the KJB Nomination

Hopefully, the ruckus over KBJ's nomination will subside soon, but in the meantime The WaEx Staff has ranked 'I'm not a biologist' as the leading  among Quotes of the Week. Given the Biden gaffe-o-matic, it's likely to be overcome soon, but I'm sure Democrats will get tired of hearing it.  From JTN, Trump levels blistering attack on Democrats, and Biden's Supreme Court nominee, “A party that's unwilling to admit that men and women are biologically different ... should not be anywhere near the levers of power in the United States," Trump told a raucous rally in rural Georgia." Already, Alia Dastigir at USA Today opines Marsha Blackburn asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to define 'woman.' Science says there's no simple answer. I'm a biologist, and I say their is, an adult human female. Are their odd cases? Maybe, but the exceptions don't invalidate the rule. PM reports how WaPo runs puff piece on pedophile in support of Biden's Supreme Court pick. Yeah, I saw that. For an antidote, atop Da Hill, Kevin Brock says The Supreme Court is about to get a justice who goes easy on sexual exploiters of children. More probably, easy on everyone except the J6 defendants. At Breitbart, Sex Offender Thanks Ketanji Brown Jackson for Three-Month Prison Sentence: ‘She Knew This Was Going to Hold Me Back … So She Didn’t Really Want to Add on to That’. It just happens he's black. Maybe that matters, maybe it doesn't. Also at Breitbart, School Board Trustee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Required to Support LGBT Agenda for Fourth Graders, because of course she does.  At Town Hall, Dereck Hunter thinks Democrats Need to Be Destroyed.

Just 25 years ago, there was no question that Democrats knew what a “woman” was. Do you really think Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy were confused by the concept? No man has come forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by them, so they either knew or managed to bat 1.000 with their guesses.
. . .
Not being able to define woman because she’s “not a biologist,” Jackson exposed herself as a radical leftist moron, uninterested in reality. Any respect I had for her was gone. Granted, it wasn’t much; I refused to “celebrate” her because of her skin color or which bathroom she uses. Once she claimed not to be able to answer this basic question there were only 2 options for what type of person she is: stupid or liar.

At Haut Hair, Kevin Williamson, who I admired before he, and most of the magazine staff went gaga never-Trump, does say something partially sensible at NRO, Ketanji Brown Jackson: Closet originalist?

The Republicans of course beclowned themselves in the Jackson-confirmation spectacle, because that is what Republicans do now. Imagine if one of them had told the plain truth: “What we want is Supreme Court justices who follow the text in the manner of Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas, not justices who invent implausible crap in order to come to the decision preferred by the party with which they sympathize, in the manner of Justice Kagan and Justice Sotomayor. With respect, we don’t think you are that, both because of your record on the bench and, frankly, because of the fact that if you were that, then Joe Biden would never have nominated you in the first place. So, most of us are going to vote against your confirmation for that reason. That doesn’t mean we think you are stupid or that your résumé isn’t impressive, which it is. But we think that the word ‘qualified’ in this case entails more than having gone to Harvard Law — it also means understanding some fundamental things, like the fact that we write laws down for a reason, and acting in accordance with those understandings. Now, if you want to try to convince us that we are wrong about you, we are all ears. But we’re probably not wrong.”

I don't believe the Republican Senators beclowned themselves. I think that, within the strictures of the hearing system, they did what I wanted them to, at least so far; vet hard, vet fair (we'll see about the "vote your conscience" a little later).

At Twitchy, Loser TROLL who called Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Thomas’ and cheered his demise plays the VICTIM after getting dragged but ain’t nobody got time for that. Paul Bedard at WaEx believes the Criticism of Ginni Thomas is backdoor, racist squeeze on Justice Thomas. Yep, it is. 

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