Friday, March 18, 2022

DIY Poltitics

When it came time to get my act together to get it done, the temperature outside was 60 F, the tide was low, and the breeze was slight, so we decided to get to the beach instead. Sorry for the unleavened politics. 

Election Issues 

Joe Biden Has 110 Days With Approval Index Under -24, Far Surpassing Obama, Trump
Report: Far-Left Democrats 'Acting Like They’ve Already Lost' Midterms
YouGov: “Amercians tend to vastly overestimate the size of minority groups”
Turns out Americans are bad at estimating demographic groups – HotAir
How Democrats alienated the woman who helped them win the House - POLITICO
Trump ends any uncertainty, says Pence wouldn't be his 2024 VP, considers pulling Brooks endorsement | Just The News
The extraordinary vapidity of Kamala Harris – HotAir
Is it better for the GOP if Trump loses the primary or if he doesn't run at all? – HotAir
The benefits of Donald Trump running again -- and losing – HotAir
New Trafalgar Poll Reveals Some Hard Truths About the Missouri Senate Race – RedState
Pennsylvania redistricting plan finalized by state Supreme Court | Pennsylvania |
Meet your new president of united Earth: Stacey Abrams – HotAir
Stacey Abrams Guest Stars as President of United Earth on 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Instapundit - MEET YOUR NEW PRESIDENT OF UNITED EARTH: STACEY ABRAMS. Congratulations to her on getting as close …
Report: Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is preparing to run for U.S. Senate in 2024
Oz Denies Report of Insiders Saying Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Eyeing Return to TV - The Star News Network

The Inflation, Economic Sanctions and Energy Production

Four Charts Prove Biden Is Lying About Putin And Inflation – Issues & Insights
Instapundit » Blog Archive » “OVERSEE” IS PROBABLY TOO STRONG A WORD: Will Joe Biden Oversee The Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar? “Fe…
U.S. Retail Sales Collapse as Govt and Media Attempt Denial That Economy Is Contracting - The Last Refuge
Shoppers Reach Their Limits on Some Price Increases- Vigour Times
Mortgage Rates Rise Above 4% for the First Time Since 2019 - WSJ
Mortgage Rates Rise Above 4 Percent
‘Biden Was Warned About This’: DeSantis Wrecks POTUS On ‘Bidenflation,’ Predicts More Pain By Admin’s Actions | The Daily Wire
U.S., Mexico Prepare for New Migrant Wave as Inflation Surges
Looming food shortages is world's next 'slow-moving disaster'
Democrats Urging Biden to Make Gas Even More Expensive – PJ Media
Washington State House Democrat Says It’s ‘Un-American’ to Blame Biden for Gas Crisis
Video: Psaki Says 'Of Course Gas Prices Will Continue to Rise' | Frontpagemag
Repeating Old Oil Mistakes | City Journal
Top Climate Democrat Says US Needs More Domestic Oil Production In ‘Short Term’ | The Daily Caller
House Dems block energy independence bill; GOP energy expert slams move as 'unconscionable' | Fox News
Energy Secretary Admits White House Using Ukraine Crisis as "Urgent Moment" To Transition US to Clean Energy - The Last Refuge
Joe Biden's 'Transition Away From the Oil Industry' Is Strangling America's Economy - The Political Insider
House Greens Call for 'Climate Emergency' Declaration | The Pipeline
Appeals Court Reinstates Biden Climate Policy, Opening Door For More Regulation | The Daily Caller
The US Must Face an Existential Threat, but It's Not Climate Change - American Thinker
Climate Alarmists Bidding to Claim the Coming Food Price Crisis – Watts Up With That?
Bloomberg Green: We All Need E-Bikes Because Climate Change – Watts Up With That?
Taking Calls from Biden | Frontpagemag

Masks, Lockdowns, Covid, Education and the Culture Wars 

Instapundit - COVID IS OVER: Pandemic over, cont’d: Biden COVID czar out. “Zients was an odd choice from the sta…
Pandemic over, cont'd: Biden COVID czar out – HotAir
School Covid Hysteria Might Be Over, But The Failures It Revealed Are Not
Ashish Jha to replace Jeff Zients as Biden administration COVID-19 response czar | Washington Examiner
Top Biden Official Jeff Zients To Step Down As Admin Shifts Away From COVID-19 | The Daily Caller
Biden’s ‘Test To Treat’ COVID Plan: Good Sound Bite, Bad Policy – Issues & Insights
10 biggest COVID mistakes – Americans deserve an apology from the medical experts | Fox News
Fauci returns with a warning: We need to be ready to impose new restrictions – HotAir
He's Baaaaaack! Fauci Emerges From His Lair To Let Us Know We Might Have To Put The Masks Back On | Not the Bee
Fauci Warns Americans to Get Ready for a 'Little Bit More of the Masking'
Rand Paul Blasts Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump But Against Firing Fauci - Dan Bongino
Ace of Spades HQKey Senators Push 9/11-Style Commission to Investigate Covid Response; Anthony Fauci Decries
Rand Paul Proposes Amendment To Eliminate Fauci's Government Position Entirely - The Political Insider
Trevor Noah Blasts New York's Hypocritical Vaccination Rules: 'S**t Like This Doesn’t Make Any Sense'
‘We’re a Free State’: DeSantis Defends Florida’s New Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines for Children
The DeSantis Doctrine
British Air Travel Goes Maskless While Biden Still Has US in Pandemic Mode
Pushback: Pilots sue CDC over Biden mask requirement on planes – Behind The Black
Dem Offices on Cap Hill Remain Closed After Biden’s Call for Return to Normalcy
Fla. newspaper editorial saying Christina Pushaw ‘defamed’ opponents of HB 1557 gets shredded –
Loudoun County Public Schools Failed To Inform Parents About Bathroom Assault | The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades HQ Children's Hospital Offers Guide to "Tucking," Also Recommends a Sex Toy Shop for Children Called "SheBop"
Teacher records themself coming out a trans, finds it difficult to explain to fourth graders –
WATCH: Lia Thomas Does Interview With ESPN After Crushing Biological Women In NCAA Championships | The Daily Wire
Transgender Confusions | City Journal
Gender madness means that rape is no longer rape - American Thinker
Documentary Exposes Critical Race Theory and ‘Corrupting Influence of Teachers’ Unions’ on Education of American Children - The Star News Network
Ace of Spades HQ Quick Hits
The runaway cost of virtue-signalling - spiked
Seattle-Based Researchers Publish Study On ‘Whiteness’ In Introductory To Physics Classes | The Daily Caller
Virginia General Assembly Passes Bill Protecting Teachers Who Speak Out Against School Policy - Tennessee Star
Yale Law students tried to shout down a speaker, now a judge says maybe they shouldn't get clerkships – HotAir
Teachers union president misspells Ukraine on Twitter after posing with upside-down Ukrainian flag | Fox News
Elite Massachusetts Boarding School Separates Kids As Young As 5 Into Race-Based Identity Groups, Parents’ Rights Group Says | The Daily Caller
Police called to deal with liberal protesters who closed down Yale Law FREE SPEECH debate | Daily Mail Online

Jan 6 related 

Report: Lindsey Graham Threatened To Remove Trump With 25th Amendment On January 6 - The Political Insider
Sen. Marshall Responds To News Senior Hill Aide Alerted DOJ After He Gave Biden-Critical Truckers Tour Of Capitol | The Daily Caller
FBI Worked To Keep Alleged Conspiracist In ‘Violent’ Group Headed For Split | The Daily Wire
Will the Next J6 Trial Expose Another Justice Department Lie? › American Greatness

Supreme Court Pick

The Disturbing Details About Biden's SCOTUS Pick Just Keep on Coming – PJ Media
Hawley cites 'alarming pattern' in Supreme Court pick's treatment of sex offenders | Washington Examiner
Republican Senator Slams Biden’s SCOTUS Pick for Record on Sex Crimes

Hunter and the Biden Crime Family

A Few Words About ‘Russian Intelligence’ : The Other McCain
WH Does Everything It Can to Deflect When Asked About Hunter's Laptop – RedState
'Incompetence or corruption': Sen. Ron Johnson on Secret Service missing Hunter Biden emails | Just The News
New York Post Goes After New York Times For Confirming Authenticity Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Several Months Later | The Daily Caller
Hunter Biden has told friends he has taken out a loan of more than $1m to pay off his tax liability | Daily Mail Online
Jen Psaki Suddenly Tight Lipped About Hunter Biden’s Emails After New York Times Finally Confirms › American Greatness
Report: Hunter Paid IRS $1M in 2021, Attempting to Evade Conviction
The New York Times hates to say The Post told you so
Hunter Biden’s Laptop and All the News That’s Fit to Spike - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Trump Reminds Americans: Hunter Biden Got $3.5 Million from Moscow Mayor’s Wife | Neon Nettle

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