Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Beach Report 3/29/22

After Skye's "well dog" check at the vet (which she passed with flying colors fur, the vet called her a "super senior"), we grabbed a quick lunch out at 5 Guys, came home and put our warm clothes on for a walk.
It froze hard last night, but by the time we left for the beach, the air temp were in the low to mid 30s, and a stiff west (which appears to come down the beach at you). It was a blow out tide, so even though we got there near high tide, there was lots of shell and gravel to search.

Georgia and Skye had left me in the dust gravel when I found this 1 7/16th inch White Shark tooth.
When I caught up to them at the car, Georgia had a big Snaggletooth. Although my Hastalis was 1/16 inches longer, her Hemi was big enough to push the last biggest one off the kitchen window sill.

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