Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Some Hump Day Politics

 Whew, what a pile! Joe Curl at Da Wire finds 7 In 10 Americans Say Country On Wrong Track Under Biden, Poll Finds. I distrust result like this because there are a least two direction for a country to be on the wrong track. However, Breitbart has a Poll: Only 37 Percent Approve of Joe Biden After He Blames Putin for Soaring Inflation, Gas Prices. Naomi Lim at WaEx sees Biden gear up for midterm elections as Democrats fear for majorities and Katherine Doyle hears 'Biden is exhausted': Half of voters skeptical president will seek reelection. I'm 50:50. Bob Spencer at Front Page on the Brand New Biden Whine, "Are Americans really just too stupid to understand the great job he's doing?" Everybody thinks voters are stupid when they vote against them. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media thinks Vladimir Putin Is the Best Thing to Happen to Joe Biden's Pathetic Presidency. It takes a bad man to make Biden look good (or at least, not bad). Ross Kaminsky at Am Spec, Why the Democrats Are In Deep Trouble Even If They Make a Course Correction, "It’s too late for them to move to the center." Insty, DEPEND UPON IT, SIR; WHEN A MAN KNOWS THE MIDTERMS ARE IN NOVEMBER, IT CONCENTRATES HIS MIND WONDERFULLY: In an about-face, liberal U.S. cities target homeless camps.

Chris Queen at PJ Media watches Stacey Abrams Kicks Off Her Second Attempt to Ruin Georgia. KT at Haut Hair, Stacey Abrams on the campaign trail: "I did the work, now I want the job". I doesn't work that way. "Abrams has taken a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook. She was robbed from a job she was entitled to have and after spending the last four years dividing Georgians along racial lines and grousing about voter suppression by racist Republicans, she has launched the One Georgia theme for her campaign. She’s a unifier now, you see." Georgia Star, Two Stacey Abrams-Linked Nonprofits Involved in ‘Seven Figure’ Lobbying Effort Against Voter Integrity Bill

Andy Busch at RCP discusses Mail Voting and Election Legitimacy. Paul Bedard at WaEx sees that  Ramthun goes all-in on election integrity for Wisconsin governor bid. "While he’s been dubbed an election truther by critics, questioning the 2020 balloting is not a bad thing in Wisconsin, which saw several controversies play out two years ago, including dark-money funding by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, the questionable use of ballot drop boxes, and unusual 100% voting in nursing homes."
John Ketchum at City Journal asks Who Redistricts—Legislatures, or Judges?. Apparently, judges can overrule Republicans but not Democrats. At PJ Media VIP, Matt Margolis makes The Case Against the National Popular Vote Compact. It was always designed as a Democrat tool to circumvent the electoral college. 

Tennessee Star, Tennessee House Overwhelmingly Approves Legislation Creating Three-Year Residency Requirement for Federal Candidates in Primaries. If it passes, bye-bye Morgan Ortagus. Three years seems a little long in today's mobile world. 

Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Oh, So That's Who Liz Cheney Is Banking on Saving Her in Wyoming. Democrats. Austin Stone at Am Great asks The Right’s Political Landscape Has Changed—Why Haven’t Our Campaigns? Inertia is a powerful thing. 

Sara Gonzales @SaraGonzalesTX, "Here is the moment @BetoORourke’s staffer assaulted me right in front of him, tried to take my phone, and a @DallasPD officer joins in and assaults me while saying, “I don’t even gotta touch your phone, I can just touch you.” Does DPD serve the taxpayers or the Democrat machine?" Breitbart has a Report: Oz Looks to Exit Senate Race, Return to Television. I'm OK with that. 

Also at Breitbart, Meme Police: DHS Scanning Employees’ Social Media for ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ ‘Extremism’, presumably defined as opposition to Democrats. Just wait until Republicans do it. "Among the examples of “extremism” cited by DHS are: a belief that fraud occurred in the 2020 election, and objections to current coronavirus policies."

Inflation continues to inflate. Michael Snyder at Da Lid, Catastrophic Inflation: “I’ve Never Seen Prices Jump This High, This Fast”, 'This is what the early chapters of an inflationary meltdown look like." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, That 70s Show: PPI inflation hits double digits. Sundance at CTH, Producer Price Inflation Sets New Record at 10 Percent, No Relief in Sight. Matt Margolis calls it Joe-mentum: Inflation Reaches Double-Digits for the First Time. WaEx, Inflation rises to 10% in producer index, highest on record. HE, Prices of Goods Climbed Record 2.4 Percent in February. That's not an annualized rate, that's just one month. And of course the obligatory, women and minorities hurt worse from the Da Caller, POLL: Minority Voters Hit Hardest By Inflation, Some Say They Will Vote Republican Now

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.15.22, American Conservative: Fed Goes Green As Oil & Inflation Spike. Charles Gasparino says The Fed must fix the mess it created and raise rates to choke off inflation. Matt Palumbo at Bongino, Biden Admin Now Arguing Spending a Ton of Money Actually Somehow Reduces the National Debt, Inflation. Even CNBC knows better, CNBC host to Buttigieg on national debt: 'No one' with credit card bills 'thinks the answer is to spend more'. At Wa Free Bee, Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Biden Urged To Use Ukraine as Excuse To Advance Green New Deal Through Emergency Order, But, as Stacy McCain notes, Climate Change ‘Science’ = Propaganda

ADN America, U.S. rules out Venezuelan oil imports 'for now'. Good. Frack here.  House Republicans demand answers from environmental groups over allegation of collusion with Russia, "The group's reportedly have ties to the Sea Change Foundation based in San Francisco" (Fox). We've known that a long time. 

Am Mil News, Russia personally sanctions Biden, son Hunter, Hillary Clinton, others. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Turnabout: Russia imposes sanctions on Joe Biden, others. We sanction their oligarchs, they sanction ours; it has a certain symmetry. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.15.22, Weasel Zippers: Bad Orange Woman Now Says Nobody Thought Russia Sanctions Would Be “100% Effective”. At Da Caller, Russia Reverses Gas Flow Via Key Pipeline Serving Europe. Sucking gas out of Germany. 

Rep Austin Scott says he is so concerned that he’s asked the Pentagon to assess the security troubles that could arise from a 5% reduction in global food supply." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.15.22, the Babalu Blog, Cuba Reports Worst Shortfall EVER In Food Production For 2021

Jordain Carney on Da Hill reports the Senate votes to nix mask mandate for public transportation. Henry Rodgers at Da Caller, Senate Votes To Repeal CDC Mask Mandate For Public Transportation. Breitbart, Senate Passes Rand Paul Resolution to Ban Travel Mask Mandates. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed looks at the vote and notes Mitt Romney Just Voted To Keep Masking Two-Year-Olds, the sole 'Republican.' But, as Jazz  Shaw at Haut Hair observes Biden vows to veto transit mask mandate repeal, assuming it passes the house. At Breitbart, a Poll: Americans Forgo Masks, Deem Coronavirus ‘Little or No Risk’. Capt. Ed, has an Axios-Ipsos poll: Pandemic's over, folks. Study Finds, study claims ‘Patriots’ more likely to support wearing face masks, pandemic safety policies, for some values of 'patriots.' Usually defined as someone who agrees with me. From  NYPo, NYC restaurants are dying thanks to COVID insanity. They voted poorly. Chris Bedford at Da Fed worries Two Years After Lockdowns, The West’s Troubles Aren’t Ending — They’re Just Beginning. And at PM, DeSantis warns Covid mandates could return without a 'red wave' in midterms, "The minute those elections are over, they will impose mandates if they feel the need to do that. They will impose restrictions," AllahPundit at Haut Hair groans Let's face it, DeSantis is (probably) running for president in 2024. The media certainly thinks so, they attack him constantly. 

Speaking of DeSantis, Neon Nettle reports Bette Midler Implodes over Ron DeSantis’s Don’t-Groom-Kids Bill. And why would we care what Mudler think? Bounding into Comic finds GLAAD To Grade Film Studios On Political Donations & LGBT Advocacy In Wake Of Disney/Florida Fallout. Capt. Ed, Sorry, ABC: Politico/Morning Consult poll shows majority support for Florida sex-ed limits. VodkaPundit at PJ Media, Insanity Wrap: We Need to Talk About Groomers. They hate it when we use that word, so use it a lot. Insty, OKAY, GROOMER: Teachers in Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin Are Being Instructed to Keep Students’ Gender Experimentation Secret From Parents. Jazz Shaw, Wisconsin teachers told to hide students' "gender identity" from parents. Ace, Teachers in Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin Are Being Instructed to Keep Students' Gender Experimentation Secret From Parents, "The Real Heroes Here: A Continuing Series." UPI, U.S. children's mental health becoming worse, surveys suggest. Jordan Boyd again, Missouri Sues School Boards Association For Hiding Details About Biden’s War On Parents

From James Bacon at Bacon's Rebellion, The VASS Letter: Another MSM Lie Exposed. Gabe Kaminsky at Da Wire, EXCLUSIVE: Government Liaison For Virginia Superintendents Group Deflects Whether Should Have Consulted All Members For Youngkin Letter. At Wa  Free Bee, FAKE NEWS: How One Reporter’s Blatant Lie About Glenn Youngkin Became a Democratic Talking Point, "Washington Post eagerly promotes misinformation about GOP governor." They could have saved three words. 

 From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.15.22, At Behind the Black, Today’s blacklisted American: Second-grade child punished for talking about Christianity, Nancy Andersen at Am Think thinks about The Normalization of Activist Elementary Education, 'The Future is Not White'. News4SA, Parents angered by segregation experiment at local elementary school, "The Lininger's say teachers told students children in the fair-haired group were not as intelligent. That group was purposely given a game with pieces missing so they could not play. Later they were made to clean up after the other children." CJ, Medical School Accreditation Body Solicits DEI Initiatives. So, do you want a Dr. who knows medicine, or CRT and CGT? Vicky Taft at PJ Media on why Wild San Francisco School Board Recall Election Prompts a Big Lawsuit—But Not for the Reason You Think. Non citizen Asian immigrants voted heavily against the woke. Stacy McCain on The Arithmetic of ‘Equality’
“Social justice” is simply a formula for destruction. It is helpful to note that, in the San Francisco school district, 35% of students are Asian, 31% are Hispanic, 14% are white, and 9% are black, so that using the term “racial segregation” to describe the situation there is absurd, invoking as it does comparison to Jim Crow, when less than a quarter of the students are either black or white. The “achievement gap” that affects San Francisco is largely between two racial minorities — Asians and Hispanics — who are mostly the children and grandchildren of immigrants who didn’t arrive in American until after the civil-rights era.

Of course, the Washington Post doesn’t explain the details of the demographics in California public schools while carelessly slinging around the word “segregation,” as if grouping students by their scholastic ability was self-evidently an unfair policy of racial discrimination.

Ace, Amazon "Quietly" Shuts down Seattle Office Where 1,800 Employees Work, Due to Skyrocketing Crime and Violent Attacks on Amazon Workers. Kevin Downey at PJ Media, Blue Cities Are Literal Toilets, and Libs Are OK With That

The NYT, cited by Haut Hair claims a Document in Jan. 6 case shows plan to storm government buildings "The document does not specifically mention an attack on the Capitol building itself. . . .The people familiar with the document said other evidence the government has gathered suggests that it may have been provided to Mr. Tarrio by one of his girlfriends at the time." So she was an FBI plant? Mark Tapscott at PJ has a PREDICTION: Pelosi Will Never Actually Reopen the U.S. Capitol, prolly not, but will the Republicans do it when they take the house? TR Clancy at Am Think wonders Whose Democracy Is This, Anyway? If you have to ask, it's not yours. At WJ, Jury Hit with Stunning New Information: FBI Fed Drugs to Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plotters Before the Tapes Rolled, because it's easier to get them to do or say something stupid that way. At LI, Did Denver Shooter of Right-Wing Protester Just Get Away With Murder? Two systems of justice.
Denver District Attorney Beth McCann announced that she was dropping second-degree murder charges initially brought against Matthew Dolloff over the October 10, 2020 political rally related shooting death of Lee Keltner. Yet photographic evidence suggests more than enough probable cause to justify testing self-defense claim at trial.

Jordain Carney (again),  GOP raises red flag on Supreme Court nominee's Guantánamo work. It's fair to ask. Matt Margolis, Another Disturbing Detail About Biden's SCOTUS Pick Emerges "“Despite Jackson’s claim that she did not get to choose her clients as a public defender, she continued to advocate for Guantanamo terrorists when she went into private practice”. At Am Think, 'This Seat is Reserved': Quotas and the Supreme Court. Penny Nance at Am Great reminds us Joe Biden’s Commitment to Diversity Just a Virtue Signal, "Joe Biden’s efforts to smear and derail the advancement of minority candidates of a non-leftist bent demonstrate how hollow his commitment to “diversity” is." The Wa Free Bee explains Why Susan Collins’s Praise for Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Irks Senate Republicans. I hope we can get enough Republicans in the Senate to ditch Collins. As Paul Bedard sees a C-SPAN poll: Voters clueless about Supreme Court but trust it. But do we trust C-Span?

At Da Federalist, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Wants a Section 230 Reckoning. About Damn Time. 

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