Monday, March 7, 2022

This is Not a Smart Military Blog

But I do have one smart military friend, Col. Andrew Dziengeleski (ret), aka  Andy or Ski, a fish slayer of gigantic proportions (he's also a big guy, and not in a fat way) who's been involved in war planning at the Pentagon, in addition to a couple of tours in Afghanistan. I've been curious as to his take on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and I'm pleased to say that I was informed on Facebook that he will be giving a live talk on YouTube at 4:00 PM. Watch it or stay ignorant. Your choice.

COL Dziengeleski, is about the smartest cat you'll find on the whole Ukrainian vs Russia debacle. Whatever you've heard, get ready, because Andy is going to change how you see the fight. Dziengeleski, is recently retired from the Army, he's a graduate of all the big schools, he's worked at the Pentagon, in the field and written the papers people read when deciding what's next for the US. Dziengeleski has been on the Break It Down Show twice before. Really...this is going to be a hell of an episode.

If we're lucky, COL Xander Bullock will join Pete A Turner as CoHost. COL Bullock is ALSO supremely talented and successful. He was one of a small cadre that built the US' late-stage Afghanistan strategy. He's also deeply knowledgeable about logistics, the state of the current army and his knowledge about international relations is at the elite-professional level.

If we're luckier still, Bullock will return for his own episode...we'll need about 4 hours to get through all that these two have to discuss.

Between COLs Andrew and Xander, we're going to get higher quality analysis, based upon decades of work and research, than you'll find anywhere else.

I did a little back and forth with Andy over messenger, and his comment was: 

Everything from the Russians is garbage, 95% from the Ukies is garbage, and our media has their head up their ass.

 Sounds about right.

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  1. During wartime all reporting is at best, inaccurate in most details. Look at the reports in newspapers about Pearl Harbor for example. The claims the Germans and made during the Battle of Britain were for home consumption, utter garbage. It is clear the Putin isn't making the progress he wants and has badly misjudged world reaction. Perhaps dealing with the Obamas, Merkels, and Bidens has made him conclude the West is made up of decadent soy boys and corrupt idiots. He probably thought the Ukes wuld welcome him as a hero too.

    So Russian leadership is pretty much on a par with our own. Who wins comes down to who has better motivated people. And police states are rarely motivated, more likely failure will embolden some Brutus. In Russia as well as the West. Failure has no father and Biden is the worst failure since Obama.