Monday, March 16, 2015

Went Fishing

For the first time in 2015. But not catching.

Walleye Pete called last night and asked if I wanted to go check out "Location X" to see if there were enough fish there to start taking charters out. We met at the dock around 6:30, as the sky was getting light.
When we got there, there were only 2 boats, a big Judge "Thunder Road", owned by Shawn Kimbro out of Breezy Point (I think).
And a little one, with three college students from Flag Harbor,
We tried a few drift around, and didn't get any bites. I took a few sunrise pictures. This is the best of those. Pretty brilliant. I didn't even hit the saturation slider.
The weather was gorgeous. It was frosty when we left, but the wind was down to nothing from 30 mph yesterday, and I was almost sweating in my float coat, long johns, heavy shirt, padded jeans and "homeless gloves."
Eventually we got a little concerned that the boys in the little boat weren't moving, and didn't seem to be fishing. We went over for a look, and indeed, their boat wasn't starting either. We stayed around a while they tried various things. We concluded that the starting solenoid was bad not giving the engine juice and not going to going to start.
Sunrise on Location X.
Sunrise on Calvert Cliffs Flag Ponds. You can see the various layers from which our fossils wash.
Eventually we decided to tow them home, since there didn't seem to be any fish to catch. If there had been some fish, Pete would probably have taken them on board, fished through the morning, and then towed them.
Almost home. A little stretch of our small community, Long Beach, the old part with houses down on the beach, and more homes at the top of the cliffs. No leaves on the trees yet.

Made it home in time to get to exercise by 9:45

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