Monday, March 16, 2015

There Goes Next Summer's Speck Fishing

Hundreds of dead fish wash up along Chesapeake canal
Over the weekend hundreds of fish washed up along the shore around the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake.

Local fisherman that live along the Gilmerton Canal in Chesapeake contacted Newschannel 3 Sunday morning about the wash up.

The fish were found on the shore stretching from the canal into the Deep Creek waterway. Hundreds more were also seen floating.

It is not clear the exact type of the fish, but fishermen believe a majority of them are trout.
By which they mean Speckled Trout (Cynoscion nebulosis). There aren't any "real" trout down in tidewater, unless they're put and take.
Fishermen believe that the long and cold winter is to blame. Plus, a Dominion Power plant that used to discharge warm water into the area no longer runs. They referred to it as the hot ditch.

“Now that the power plant has ceased operation, there is no more warm water. There is no more hot ditch.”
You guys need a big nuke down there to provide more warm water.

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