Friday, March 27, 2015

Back From Fishing

Last night I made arrangements with one of my oldest fishing friends from Maryland, Tom, aka "Barefoot" to go out on my "new" boat to chase the big Striped Bass at "Location X", starting at 7 AM. This, based on a weather forecast that showed winds around 10 mph from the north (about my limit at "Location X"), 45 F weather and persistent showers.

This morning, the winds were in the 20 mph range, what I call the "stupid" zone, because you have to be stupid to go out in a small boat in winds like that. We called it off with the possibility of trying again in the afternoon if the wind died.

The wind died around 2 PM, and off we went, to the rips, where we encountered the usual spring mix of boats, including Walleye Pete, another guide I know, Fishamajig (aka Dennis Fleming), One Fish, and others milling around in the water dragging pieces of plastic around in hopes of catching that giant personal best Stripper. To beat my personal best would take a 45 inch fish, a little more for Barefoot.

Alas, no giants were to be had, although, to be sure, we caught and threw back lots of fish between 15 and 28 inches. Both of us scored one "picture" fish:

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