Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Beach Report 3/29/15

Another cold March day. It was 25 F this morning, and the bird bath was frozen a half inch deep. It was up to the mid 30s by the afternoon when we went down to the beach. It's clear and blue here, and the wind has calmed down from 20 mph earlier to more like 5.
A weekend day in spring with only moderate winds means fishermen at the rips. I suppose I could go and play bumper boats, but it's darn cold out, and my hands are still rough from Friday afternoon.
A grebe of some sort in the harbor mouth. Eared Grebe is what they usually turn out to be.
And the Buffies are still hanging on, although I expect them to depart for their northern breeding grounds soon. No sign of the Ospreys at the beach yet, although I did see a pair circling over St. Leonard. I wonder if they got disgusted with the cold weather and went back south a while.
Despite a fairly low tide, fossil hunting was tough; just not much shell hash scattered around the beach. Only 5 teeth total. Georgia found this respectable Snaggletooth.
Someone is having a revetment of some sort built on Calvert Beach between the steps and the boat ramp. I hope it doesn't end up blocking the beach or causing it to erode our from the front.

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