Friday, March 20, 2015

Hillary's Email "Totally" Hacked

Hillary’s Email “TOTALLY” Hacked By Foreign Governments
Rupert Murdoch, the CEO and Chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, quoted “senior intelligence people” saying Hillary Clinton’s “messages,” (do we presume received, sent and stored on her own server?), were “TOTALLY” “hacked by several foreign governments.” Murdoch doesn’t seem to leave any doubt, no dubious questions marks in his statement of what he appears to think is pure fact. Below the tweet, Monica Crowley asks if Hillary set up her own server, specifically, to be private from Barack Obama, who didn’t want her BFF, Sidney Blumenthal, in his administration.
I'm not sure why Murdoch would know more than any man on the street. Let's face it, Hillary's email would be a logical target for hacking by any number of intelligence agencies. I would be totally shocked if the Russians, the NORKS, the Iranians, and several nominally friendly countriesincluding the Israel, as well as private groups like anonymous didn't have more or less complete copies of her email.

Trey Goudy wants her to give up her server. He would probably have more success buying transcripts on the black market. If Hillary disagrees with anything found there, she can can try to refute it with her own original.

However, to be fair, it's doubtful that Hillary did much work as Secretary of State, so most of the emails are probably just interoffice junk.

And if you haven't seen this yet, you should read it: A Line Edit Of Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Email Press Conference

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