Monday, March 23, 2015

Fishing with an Old Friend

 I was down on the docks this afternoon taking care of boat business when I ran into an old friend, Onefish (who also goes by Ron).  Business done, he invited me out, so I called home to notify Georgia of my imminent disappearance, and went out with him on his very nice Cobia center console, with his jacket and his gear.
Fishing was hot and cold, on and off. I caught somewhere near 20 fish, mostly 20+ inches, and Ron about the same but we both caught these larger fish on consecutive casts. The boat next to use caught one the same size in the same area around the same time.
Walleye Pete was down there at "Location X" with a charter, and according to Pete's Facebook page, they've been doing pretty well, too.

We left right around sunset.  I apologize for the lousy photos; due to the impulsive nature of the trip, I didn't have my fishing camera, and had to rely on my "dumb phone" camera. Actually, it worked better than I expected.

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