Thursday, March 12, 2015

Most State Department Emails Unimportant

By their own judgement less than one email in 16,351 on average worth preserving:
The IG found that out of more than a billion emails sent by State Department employees in 2011, only 61,156 were archived as official records using the agencies SMART system. That fell to 41,749 in 2013, the same year Clinton left office.

SMART requires employees to manually designate individual emails as official records.
That's a whole lot of cute kitten videos, notices of extra donuts and coffee left in the conference rooms, and reminders not to park in the Deputy Undersecretary for Underserved Undocumented Citizens' parking spot for any piece of worthwhile information.

This was in the context of Hillary's claim that it didn't matter that she did not save her email in a way which could be archived, but because most of it was sent to State Dept. employees anyway, it would be archived under their mail (except those really important emails to her lesbian lover body girl Huma Abedin Weiner, who also has a ClintonMail address.

I suspect this is wrong, and that all State Department emails (at least from the nonsecret side) are swept up into the general email archives (think a giant warehouse in Springfield, VA somewhere with millions of miles of tape), and that the SMART system is meant to be an archive for emails with some deliberative import.

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