Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pre-Sandy Beach Report 10/27/12

It was a pretty raw day, not too cold, about 60 F, but blowing moderately hard.  While I was comfortable in a T-shirt, this might well be the last time this year that's true.
Our fall color, such as it is, is about peaked.  If the winds from Sandy are anything like what is being predicted (sustained winds of 40 mph with gusts to 50), our trees should be pretty well stripped by Tuesday.  Which might be a good thing; I'll only have to clean up leaves in the yard once.
The eagles were out and about, but the photography didn't go so well.  I saw five at one time at one point, one sitting in a tree and four flying, and at least one set were dog fighting. We strongly suspect a second mated pair is trying to establish a territory in our stretch of beach and are being resisted by the original residents.

I may or may not get a chance to go tomorrow, as rain bands from Sandy move in.

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