Monday, October 29, 2012

They Call it Stormy Monday...

... But Tuesday's just as bad. Or worse, most likely.

 Just leave the video running for additional, better known versions of Stormy Monday.

A brief progress report so far for Hurricane Sandy's effect on us here in Southern Maryland. Since yesterday afternoon it has rained more or less steadily, but not hard. So far we have a total of about 3 inches of rain. After yesterday morning, the wind slacked a little, from 35 knots sustained, back down to a more comfortable 20 knots. It's rising again and after a brief spell at 40 kts, is back down to 35 knots. Minimal Tropical Storm strength. Our power is good so far, but we've had a couple of blips and had to reset our clocks. Work has been cancelled, so I can either work on the computer at home, of loaf. Time for another cup of coffee. Life is tough.

Stay tuned for further updates...

Wombat-Socho included this in his weekly "Rule 5 Sunday: Medicine Show!"

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