Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There is a Morning After...


We slept downstairs last night, just in case a big limb or a tree should decide to come crashing through the roof. Fortunately, no such thing happened, and we even managed to get a little sleep. Counter to my expectations, and even as Sandy passed by near Delaware Bay, the winds continued to weaken overnight, until this morning they are somewhere near 15 knots, from the south.

We kept power through the storm, with a few blips. However, as I wrote last night, we lost cable early, and we a forced to rely on the cell phones and IPad for communications. Oh, the horror!

At this point, the rain gauge shows a mere 7 inches of rain fell here, and although it's still raining, it's not hard, and don't expect much more than another inch or two.

A quick circuit of the house and yard shows no problems; a slight leak upstairs where leaves in a gable caused water to back up is the worst thing. The yard looks like leaf hash, but again, contrary to my hopes and expectations, the winds didn't strip the trees and I can expect a long fall of leaf collection.

The boat is fine, the scuppers are still clear from yesterday's deleafing, and the bilge pump is still strong. Because of the direction of the wind, the Bay, at least on our side is calm.

I understand the storm hit New York hard, over 11 ft of surge at The Battery. Hopefully, not too many were killed or injured by the storm.

UPDATE: Cable came back around 9:30.

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