Monday, October 29, 2012

NPR Promotes Vegetable Rights

Forget Abortion! NPR Promotes The 'Rights' and 'Souls' of Plants
As liberal reporters obsess and nearly faint in the waning days of the campaign that conservatives would dare to assert a right to life for a human being conceived in rape, offers a better idea: Plants deserve rights. The NPR headline: “Recognizing the Right of Plants to Evolve.”

Unborn babies have no rights...unlike the sensitive weeds in your garden? Pro-choice, but anti-chili pepper?
They say a liberal is someone who wouldn't take his own side in a fight.  I dare a person who supports this point of view to live without eating animals or plants selectively bred (artificially evolved) to produce food for humans.  Bear Gryles might manage it, but not your average New York/Southern California vegan hippie liberal.

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