Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CBF Unhappy with City, County Suits on 'Bay Diet'

Alan Girard: Beware pollution report out of Baltimore

County and municipal governments on the Eastern Shore should scrutinize carefully a pitch by a Baltimore-based law firm which is trying to convince them pollution from the Susquehanna River will erase any local pollution reduction efforts.

The firm’s presentation is rife with misinformation.

We are confident if localities inspect the idea closely, they will see it for what it is: a flawed solution. Better to stay the course with strategies that are working.The firm, Funk & Bolton, said it will offer its services for $30,000 per county to help them potentially challenge state sewage treatment standards and other environmental efforts, according to newspaper stories.
Working?  It's just barely begun, and we don't expect to see significant improvement in the Bay for several years!  The terms of the law don't call for all the restrictions to be imposed on the cities, counties, farmers, builders, and industries of the Bay until 2025.  In fact, most of the important part of the diet, the model, is still under attack, and should be, getting it right is critical, and proving a model is right is a very difficult proposition.

"Stay the Course" is usually the campaign slogan of someone who has no results to show.

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