Monday, October 22, 2012

A Pre-debate Primer - Monitoring the Moderators: Bob Schieffer's Previous Biases

2. In June, Schieffer hosted RNC chair Reince Preibus on his “Face the Nation” program, and lambasted Republicans for focusing on “silly and petty” things — like the $500 million Solyndra bankruptcy.
3. Schieffer condemned Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for defending herself against thin-skinned Obama’s tarmac hissy fit over her book. Remember: It was Obama who stalked off rudely after whining about her book (which he hadn’t read), not Brewer. In Schieffer’s reality bubble, Brewer was the “vulgar” aggressor — and he used the incident to complain inexplicably about “social media.” Via MRC:
4. Listen to this testy exchange between conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg and Schieffer, in which Schieffer complains again about the “Internet” for spreading false rumors (pssst…it was the “Internet” that exposed the monumental CBS Rathergate scandal) and stubbornly defends double standards in coverage of Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden.
5. Schieffer moaned in February that it was the GOP that was obsessed with birth control, criticized the party for being “too far to the right,” and falsely stated that Obama had “backed away” from his religious liberty-crushing Obamacare abortion mandate.
6. Schieffer gushes about Obama during the inaugural celebration, compares him to Lincoln.
7. Schieffer’s fair and balanced assessment of Bill Clinton’s DNC speech on September 5:  “Just an amazing speech.”
 But I'm sure he'll be perfectly fair...

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