Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparations for Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us (expected to get serious Sunday evening), we spent much of the morning and afternoon preparing.

We removed most of the potential missiles from our yard; all the lawn furniture, potted plants etc that can be moved in have been.  That cycad gets bigger and more obnoxious with every move.

We have plenty of water (over 50 gal) set aside for drinking, flushing toilets, and cleaning, in case the propane at the water company runs out before it can be refilled.

We just went out and bought batteries in a variety of sizes, and we have all our rechargeable batteries charging.  That will ensure that I can fully document the extent of the damage with the digital camera.

We have a deep cycle boat battery at home, fully changed, and on our trip out we bought an inverter so we can run some AC stuff of the battery if necessary.  I got the last inverter at West Marine in Solomons.

If we don't loose cell service, we should continue to have contact with the world and be able to blog through the IPad even if we're out of power for some time.  But that's a big if.

We  swapped an empty tank of propane for a full one, so we can cook on the outdoor grill, which will ride out the worst of the weather in the garage.

Time to go take a file to the chain saw's chain and touch it up, and make sure I have a tank of premixed gas and oil for it.

Our worst fear is trees falling on the house; we live in a nice wooded setting, but that has it's drawbacks at times like this.

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