Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Beach Report, 10/20/12

Skye and I met Joel and Red down at the beach, at 9:30 sharp, as scheduled.  A pretty nice morning, 60 F, hardly a trace of clouds and a middling breeze.  A long sleeve shirt was just a hair warm.
The eagles were putting on quite a show, mostly at a distance.  This one was perched up in a Sweet Gum over Calvert Cliffs that is already turning fall colors.  Our trees are in the middle of turning.  Gums and dogwoods are pretty far along, and the poplars and oak have barely begun.

No sign of Ospreys, so I think they're gone for the year.
When we got to the boat ramp at Calvert Beach, we were hailed by this gentlemen, Russ, who asked our help in raising the mast of his old Flying Scot, so he could take it for fishing.  I helped raise the mast while Joel supervised.  The we walked on up the beach.
By the time we got back to the boat ramp, he had the boat rigged, the outboard attached, the boat launched and anchored out in the shallows past the ramp.
Shortly afterward, he had the anchor pulled and was motoring out to the fishing grounds.  I never did see him put his sail up (he said he would troll with just his jib up).

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