Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who's on First?

The Obama campaign for women's votes keeps shooting blanks and drawing derision.  Even as he continues to pound on the theme, his support among women slides, threatening to erase the women's side of the gender gap (while strengthening the male gender gap in favor of republicans).

First the "Life of Julia" theme, the Obama campaigns story about how a girls goes though life living off government aid, which was roundly ridiculed, most notably by Iowahawk.

Now, the star and creator of "Girls", produces this eminently mock-able video "Your First Time" about how a girl should do it her first time with Obama (it being vote, of course).  Lot's of people have questioned its taste (from a sexual point of view), but I simply find to be inane and ludicrous, and likely counter productive to getting votes from the independents, libertarians, and however unlikely, conservatives:

Thanks goodness.

and of course, here comes the inevitable parodies...

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