Saturday, December 10, 2011

OWS Prepares to Block Ports; Longshoreman's Union Not Amused.

The OWS branch on the Left Coast is preparing to hurt the upper 1% by shutting down all the ports on the coast on Dec 12th.
We will blockade all of the West Coast Ports on December 12th in solidarity with longshoremen, port workers and truckers in their struggle against the 1%! Together we are unstoppable! Strike while the iron is hot!
Organization not being their strongest suit, they apparently forgot to co-ordinate this with their 99%er brothers in the labor movement, and it turns out that the dock workers were unimpressed by the offer of a day of unpaid leave to mingle with the filthy hippies and play in the drum circle:
"Any actions organized by outside groups, including the proposed Dec. 12 shutdown of various terminals on the West Coast, have not been vetted by our union's democratically led process," the International Longshore and Warehouse Union said. "Any decisions made by groups outside of the union's democratic process do not hold water, regardless of the intent."
Where's your appreciation, boys?

Found at the PJ Tatler.  Linked by William Teach at Pirate's Cove. Thanks!

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