Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, at Least Things Came Out All Right

Today was my triennial colonoscopy.  I'm on the three year plan because both my parents contracted and were operated on for colon cancer (both are fine, thanks for asking).  No solid food yesterday, had to drink a quart of "go juice" last night, and another at 4 AM.  And yes, it tasted yuck (it's basically a strong salt solution with some organic slime), and yes, it worked, as unpleasantly as I remembered.  At least I had a better day than Kim Jong Il.

The procedure itself was much like I remember (dimly) from last time.  The nurse missed the vein on the first attempt to establish a line for the anesthesia, and had someone hold her hand while the found a larger one.  Not usually one of my problems; when I give blood nurses rarely have problems getting a good spike.  The anesthesia must be partial; I remember a bit of poking and prodding before becoming more or less fully alert again.  It did leave my rather wiped out for most of the afternoon, with some gas and cramping that is still fading.

The report is good, no cancer, no polyps.  According the to doctor who did the procedure I should be able to go five years next time.

We celebrated with steak for dinner.

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