Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Beach Report, Dec.18, 2011

 It was another chilly day today, and as a consequence, we had the beach all to ourselves.  The wind was somewhat less than yesterday, but a touch cooler, but not quite freezing.  The sun came and went several times over the course of the walk
Skye, of course, could care less about the weather.  It doesn't get cold enough to make her unhappy with it.  She's fruitlessly hunting for something here.  I think the whistle pigs are in hibernation for winter, though.
The Swans are up the bay in their usual haunts.  No sign of the eagles today; they must have been off hunting or  something
 Georgia climbing over one of the obstacles.
The Buffleheads were playing in the harbor channel.  Here two boys were trying to impress one girl.  She didn't act impressed.
Several flights of geese flew over today, too, honking as they passed.

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