Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rule 5 Saturday - Lucy Liu

Today's Rule 5 post is Lucy Liu, a great actress and a superb villainess. I hated Ally McBeal. Anybody who made her life miserable was OK in my book. It doesn't hurt that she's good looking, too.

Without further ado, Lucy Liu.

NSFW Language...

Ted is featuring Selma Hayek (no relation to Frederick Hayek) as this weeks weekend woman. Ha! I beat you to her.  He also has a short video on the pitfalls of the use of Turkey calls by news casters and wonders about your powers of concentration.  About 1 second; try this one.  Maggie at Maggie's farm is touting football talent scout and former Cowboy's Cheerleader Jill Laflin!  I must be back in Wombat-Socho's good graces this week, as this post and a few others were listed in his ginornous list of Rule 5 posts.  Also linked by William Teach at Pirates's Cove.  Thanks to all!

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