Friday, December 9, 2011

Brigette Bardot Protests New Jersey Bear Hunt

Brigette Bardot then
 A few weeks ago we celebrated Brigette Bardot's 77th birthday with a Rule 5 post honoring her.  An upswing in traffic on that post tipped me off the to the fact that she is back in the news.

French sex kitten actress  Brigitte Bardot on Friday urged authorities in New Jersey to halt what she called the "scandalous carnage" of an annual bear hunt.Wildlife officials in the state say the six-day cull is needed to control a growing population of black bears. With two days of hunting to go, a total of 369 black bears have been killed, the Division of Fish and Wildlife said on its website...

Brigette Bardot now
Bardot, who left her sex symbol days behind to devote herself to the plight of a variety of animals worldwide, wrote to Republican Governor Chris Christie, saying the hunt "tarnishes the image of your state."
It's possible to tarnish New Jersey's image?  Maybe in France.

You may be a batty old lady now, but you were once a sexy young thing.  Old and crazy happens...

Gimme Shelter!
I must be back in Wombat-Socho's good graces this week, as this post and a few others were listed in his ginornous list of Rule 5 posts.


  1. She is not a batty old lady. Why should age reduce the worth of a woman. I feel sorry for a man who cannot see in a woman anything else than a sex toy. Brigitte is wonderful and a warm human being. In my eyes she is more attractive than plastic surgery scarecrows I could name surrounded with younger men for their money. This lady at least dedicates herself to something worthwhile and she was without a doubt the most beautiful woman ever. All the beauties of today would look next to her as plain chambermaids no-one would look at twice.

    1. She's a racist! Does that not reduce her worth? I agree, definitely not batty, she knows exactly what she's doing, but perhaps only wonderful and warm to the white folk out there, I'm sure she would not pay me or any other non-white any such compliment, and aaaaaw yes, she cares for lovely furry, sweet, cute animals so she must be a nice person, somebody ought to tell her those bears are black...

  2. I think that Bardot-bashing is pretty cruel and not deserving at all. While I am not 100% aware of any extreme levels to which she may or may not go, I share her love of animals and oppose any sort of cruelty for sake of sport. I do respect people's right to hunt as long as it's done mercifully and for food, without waste, but I'm all for supporting her otherwise.

    And, regarding her appearance? What should someone at 77 look like? I think she still looks good for her age, and she still looks like herself in the face, just at her current age. She actually doesn't look 77 to me, more like someone in their mid-late 60s. Her neck is more telling, but so what. Like I said, she looks good for her age, and a hell of a lot more human than plastic surgery victims younger than she is.

  3. What a silly blog. Brigette Bardot is a thinking womam, a woman of heart. She has my deepest admiration in her autumn years. Long may her influence continue to open the eyes of the world to animal abuse. Go Brigette! Your life is an inspiration - especially your later and current years. Thank you.

  4. Why, thank you! I try to keep the silliness level of this blog up to some minimum; about 25% seems right, and this post was one of them. Success!

    And it might surprise you that I agree with you to a large extent; while I don't agree with her extreme anti-hunting position, I do admire someone of her age out doing what she wants to do passionately.