Friday, December 9, 2011

PSA: How To Revive a Drowned Smart Phone

Somewhat NSFW, for language.  Incidentally, some of these methods may even work.

 I must be back in Wombat-Socho's good graces this week, as this post and a few others were listed in his ginornous list of Rule 5 posts.  Also linked in Jake Finnegan's Burkalesque Babe of the Week, featuring the Jacksonville Jaguar Cheerleaders.  Thanks, Jake!


  1. Unfortunately, it never works. The phone might work for a bit, but, once the metal and circuit boards are exposed to liquid, even condensation, it's gonna die. I worked for AT&T for 12 years, and they always died.

    But, then, that wasn't the point of the vid :D

  2. I had an old cell phone that I revived three times from immersion, once in a toilet, once in freshwater and once in the bay. However, I did rinse the electronics with rubbing alcohol, and dried it in a laboratory drying chamber. It lasted long beyond the point it was obsolete.

    I have an allegedly water proof camera that leaked on the Great Barrier Reef. I got the electronics back, but the optics fogged.