Thursday, June 6, 2024

Tattoo Thursday

A New Jersey state trooper with a giant neck tattoo citing a well-known Hitler Youth slogan was fired by the department last year following an investigation into the ink and his other white supremacist-linked tattoos.

Trooper Jason Dare was let go from the department on Nov. 27 after nearly two decades on the job, according to a newly published annual state police disciplinary report and an report.

Dare’s shocking body art was only flagged by the department after New Jersey State Police put out a public missing persons alert for the trooper in March 2023 after he left a Pennsylvania medical facility and disappeared.

The detective, who was described as “missing and endangered” in the alert, was found safe days later.
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  1. And will they now go through the ranks looking for tattoos and indicia of other extremist groups, like BLM, Antifa, Communists, La Raza, and Black Panthers?