Sunday, June 9, 2024

Random Celebrity News

For some values of the words "random," "celebrity" and "news." First, from Jeff Charles at Da Caller, Feds Arrest Beauty Queen In Major Cartel Drug Bust

Federal authorities have arrested a former beauty queen and two bank employees in Indiana for collaborating with a Mexican cartel to traffic drugs into the country, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

The three individuals are accused of allegedly “moving thousands of kilograms of cocaine into the United States and laundering tens of millions of dollars in proceeds,” the DOJ’s press release explained.

The indictment, unsealed Friday, also “charges flight attendant GLENIS ZAPATA, 34, of Lafayette, Ind., with assisting the traffickers in the transportation of drug proceeds on commercial airline flights.”

Before becoming a flight attendant, Zapata was 2011’s Miss Indiana Latina, according to ABC7. The former beauty queen is alleged to have “possessed a ‘Known Crew Member’ badge and used her authority to help the cartel move cash drug proceeds from the Midwest to the southern part of the U.S. and into Mexico,” according to the DOJ.

I guess being a minor beauty queen 13 years ago doesn't pay the bills.  At Reason, The Housing Policy Implications of Taylor Swift.

This past week, headlines were abuzz with the news that the homeless population of Edinburgh, Scotland, had been expelled from the city to make way for thousands of adoring Taylor Swift fans flooding into town for the singer's three days of performances.   

The more complicated, less scandalous reality (detailed in many of the above articles, if not their headlines) is a local government program that places homeless people in hotel rooms started to refer people to hotels outside the city after incoming Swift fans snatched up many of the vacant rooms that had been available.

Edinburgh officials have stressed that none of the homeless who'd already been placed in hotel rooms were forced to vacate them. The whole episode seems quite overblown in this context.

OutKick predicts SI Swimsuit Model Xandra Pohl Is Ready To Dominate The Next Decade

The performance last night from 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie Xandra Pohl was like Ken Griffey Jr. making his MLB debut. It was like the first time Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes took the mound. It was like Sydney Sweeney's Hooters comedy bit on Saturday Night Live. It was like Bron Bron making his NBA debut.

DJ Xandra Pohl declared on Thursday night at Hard Rock Hotel in New York City that she's the future of pop culture and she's here to dominate the next decade. I've been at this game a long time. We're looking at all the intangibles. We're looking at a social media force.
Xandra Pohl attends the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2024 Issue Release and 60th Anniversary Celebration at Hard Rock Hotel New York on May 16, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

We're looking at a 2023 college graduate DJ with over a million TikTok followers who can go ahead and determine what industry she wants to dominate and it appears the swimsuit game is next up.

As we reported this week, she's already been spotted with new Chiefs running back Louis Rees-Zammit, the Welsh rugby player who's good-looking, young, super athletic and ready to make an NFL roster. Notice who Pohl was photographed with at the SI party. . . .

 Things are looking up for SI. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Just What It Says On Her Label out more or less on time at The Other McCain.

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