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Flotsam and Jetsam - Was the Trump Jury Fixed?

I mean beyond being held in one of the most anti-Trump jurisdictions possible, with jury screening designed to let rabid Trump haters through? Going first to the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.07.24, from Mary Chastain at LI, Merchan Alerts DA, Trump’s Lawyers of Facebook User Claiming He Knew Jury Would Convict Trump, “My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted…Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!” and Twitchy,  Does A Facebook Post Prove Juror Misconduct In Trump’s NYC Trial?  Becca Lower at RedState, Merchan Warns Prosecutors, Trump Defense Team There Might Be a Problem in Manhattan Case. Ace, This May Shock You But It Appears As If the Trump Trial Might Have Been #Rigged by Ringers Who Came Into the Jury Box Already Determined to Convict. The Peacock whines Judge in Trump's hush money case raises questions about social media post claiming to preview jury verdict "Judge Juan Merchan asked prosecutors and Trump's defense team about a Facebook post that appeared to preview the outcome of the former president's hush money trial."  Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Beege flagged this one for me. This should be fun ... but don't get your hopes up too much. 'Michael Anderson' could just have been someone trolling the court by pretending to be in contact with one of the jurors. That's a long way from meeting the threshold of establishing juror misconduct. There are lots of other good reasons to overturn this case on appeal. Still, stay tuned ... weirder things have happened." Matt Vespa at TownHall says Don’t Be Shocked If the Story About the Trump Juror Spilling the Guilty Verdict Ends Up Being Fake. Well, we can hope it holds up.

The Dersh suspects Will Judge Merchan sentence Trump to prison? "In attempting to predict the sentence Judge Juan Merchan will impose on Donald Trump, we are certain of one conclusion: If the past is prologue, the sentence will not be motivated by fairness or justice; it will be the harshest sentence Merchan can impose without risking reversal or the possibility that it will help Trump’s electoral prospects." Althouse has the video The Trump verdict is the worst verdict Alan Dershowitz has seen in his 60 years of studying legal cases. "I still don't know what he was convicted of." From Reason, Laurence Tribe Bizarrely Claims Trump Won the 2016 Election by Falsifying Business Records in 2017 "That take on the former president's New York conviction echoes similarly puzzling claims by many people who should know better."

Paul Mirengoff at The Ringside sees Left-liberal columnist fears Trump conviction will result in "payback". I like Capt. Ed's title better, The MSM 'Mom He Will Hit Me Back' Award Goes To ... Ruth Marcus. "This is why it's so dangerous to violate the norms and the rules. One side starts it by claiming to be dealing with something "unprecedented," and then complains when the other side uses their precedent. See: Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the nuclear option."  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.07.24, Twitchy, Adam Schiff’s Tone-Deaf Post Accusing Trump Of Prosecuting His Enemies Is Very TellingHat Hair's Jazz Shaw reports NYPD Working to Revoke Trump's Gun Permit, because they're so worried he's going to run out and shoot somebody. Capt. Ed cites CNN Analyst: Let's Face It -- Fani's Case Is Dead.

The aging plagiarist is still at it, 

 Capt. Ed comments "Well, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best. And we all know that Joe Biden has a long track record of plagiarism anyway. At least this time he's stealing from an American politician. Here's the always wonderful Tom Lehrer on the value of plagiarism -- er, research!" Jon Del Arroz at PJM, explains how  Joe Biden Ruined Normandy Trip For Thousands Of Young Americans For A Cynical Photo Op. "KLTV-7 of East Texas was on the scene with reporter Lane Luckie, who posted to X just minutes before the parade of young American musicians was supposed to occur, saying, “LIVE LOOK: The D-Day Commemoration Ceremony at Brittany American Cemetery in Normandy, France. The Longview High School Choir is performing here shortly.” The performance never happened after Biden’s security forced everyone out, and the Longview High School Choir, Jacksonville State Marching Band, and St. Augnola Marching Band, among others, had to go home in disappointment without being able to play the songs they’d worked so hard on in practice before heading to France."

Mia Cathell at TownHall covered LIVE: Day 5 of Hunter Biden's Gun Trial. At NYPo, the Divine Ms. Devine thinks Ex-lover Hallie’s tragic tale exposes the rotten core of the Biden family. From Breitbart,  Hallie Biden Testifies: Missing Gun Disappeared After She Tossed It in Dumpster. At Am Spec, Dan Flynn Hunter Biden Trial Again Proves Cocaine Is a Helluva Drug "So is partisan politics,"  and Ellie Holmes, Naomi Biden’s Testimony Backfires for Hunter, "Hunter was not a good father". Jack Posobiec at HE thinks The ‘Laptop from Hell’ fiasco is a symptom of the Right’s impotence "But I’m not here to shout “imagine if the situations were reversed” and rake in the outrage bucks. I don’t want the Right to get angry; I want us to get smart about why this happened. However you slice it, the interference by the intelligence bureaucracy to save President Biden from facing political consequences for his own corruption is exactly the kind of illegal unreported in-kind contribution (and the same kind of hush-up operation) that President Trump was speciously convicted of. Yet just like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden will face no consequences. Which looks like rank hypocrisy; “no one is above the law,” right?" Sohrab Ahmari at Am Con, on What I Gleaned About Hunter Biden as Opinion Editor of the New York Post, "And why this trial might be a smokescreen" to distract from the financial and influence peddling scandal.

At Breitbart, GOP Senators Accuse Biden of Carrying Out ‘Mass Amnesty’ for Illegal Aliens by Closing Deportation Cases. TNP, Illegals Account for AT LEAST Half of All ‘Job Growth’ Under Biden. Ace, "Unemployment Rises as Americans Lose Jobs to Foreign "Newcomers" Best economy in history, Fat! At 4%, the claimed unemployment rate is still low. But it's rising. The claim about Americans losing jobs to illegal "newcomers" isn't just supposition. It's right there in the numbers."

Da Caller, Nearly Three Years And $1,200,000,000,000 Later, Biden Has Almost Nothing To Show For His Biggest Domestic Achievement. Not true. The achievement was to spend all that money on friends and allies. Ace, Biden's "Biggest Achievement" Was Spending $1.2 Trillon on "Infrastructure." How Surprised Would You Be to Learn That Almost No Infrastructure Has Been Built? Dan Greenfield at Front Page explains How Democrats Faked a Jobs Boom "The government is creating jobs. Literally. . . . About 1 in 2 of Biden’s jobs were funded by taxpayers in one form or another. The only non-government industry showing significant job growth was the hospitality industry which was prepping temporary employment for vacation season." Althouse picks up on a funny typo, In the year 3035. "I'm reading "U.S. Tightens Car Mileage Rules, Part of Strategy to Fight Climate Change/The shift, which could reshape the American auto market, is designed to encourage sales of electric vehicles and hybrids" (NYT)" A.J. Melnick at Am Think thinks  Biden Stifles Crypto. "The simplest answer is that it is all about power and control."

Larry at Hat Hair on Mike Johnson vs Biden's Broken Brain & Democrats' Vote-Buying Schemes! Mark Leibovich at the Slantic calls him Ruth Bader Biden "No matter the obstacles that Donald Trump creates for himself, Joe Biden’s candidacy remains an existentially risky, perhaps disastrous, proposition." At the Free Bacon, Biden: Slip Slidin' Away " Time is running out for Biden to save his campaign." Althouse is shocked, shocked that "Two recent polls show President Biden and former president Donald Trump tied in Virginia, a surprising finding for a blue-trending state that Biden won by 10 points in 2020..." Jason Cohen at Da Caller, hears a Former CNN Analyst Says GOP ‘99.999% Likely’ To Gain Seats And ‘Control’ Senate ‘If Trump Wins’. mrcTV, Backfiring Big Time! 50 Cent Says Black Men 'Identifying with Trump' After Guilty Verdict. Hat Hair's KT worries as Team Biden Moves in on Anti-Trump Republicans, Haley Voters, sees a Caustic Clooney Clobbers Biden's White House for Support of Israel after ICC Decision and at VIP thinks The Political Realignment of Senator Fetterman Is Real and Spectacular. PJM's Rick Moran predicts  Trouble Brewing in Chicago for the Democratic National Convention Protests.

From Breitbart, Attorney General Merrick Garland Will Defy GOP Congressional Subpoenas. TNP,  ’Trump Reacts to Bannon Jail Order – ‘American Tragedy.’ Both for asserting Presidential privilege. Nicholas Ballasay at JTN reports FOIA docs show FBI official 'colluded' with Democrat staffers on FBI whistleblowers: Judicial Watch ""We would love to meet in person next time you have the chance. Please let us know when you’re available for coffee or just to swing by the office. And don’t hesitate to reach out on any other matters!" a senior House Democrat staffer wrote to an FBI official whose name is redacted from the emails." Eric Lendrum at Am Great, Et Tu, Whistleblowers? "When it comes to the issue of clearing out Deep State corruption, only one man has proven that he is determined to do what needs to be done." At Da Caller, ‘Not Going To Be Silenced’: Surgeon Indicted By Biden DOJ For Blowing Whistle On Child Sex Changes Speaks Out. Matt Margolis at PJM hears a Dem Congressional Candidate Wants Nazi-esque ‘Reeducation Camps’ for MAGA Supporters. Fascists gonna fasc. 

Ed Driscoll at Insty,  HOW IT STARTED: Briahna Joy Gray rolls eyes at October 7 survivor, disrespects rape victims. "Briahna Joy Gray, a political [commentator] and Bernie Sander’s former press secretary during his 2020 presidential campaign, was slammed online this week for her treatment of an Israeli hostage family member during an interview with The Hill on Tuesday." Breitbart, wants you to WATCH: Leftist Host Scorns Israeli Hostage’s Sister, Pushes Hamas Talking Points in ‘Disturbing’ Interview. Jerusalem Post, cited at Hat Hair, FAFO: Briahna Joy Gray Canned After Rolling Eyes at Hostage Family Member in Rape DiscussionCapt. Ed snarks "I'm not sure why The Hill fired her. They deserve each other. Why did they hire her in the first place as an interviewer and commentator? The Hill did the right thing in this instance, but only because they didn't have much choice after the clip started circulating." John Sexton at Hat Hair is overjoyed that Briahna Joy Gray Got Fired Yesterday. Grayson Quay at Da Caller is amused that a Major Outlet Fires Unhinged Leftist Harpy, Spells Her Name Wrong On Termination Letter.

The Free Bacon tells The Real Story Behind Columbia’s Controversial Law Review Article—And explains Why It Matters. John Sexton reports Students Who Occupied Stanford President's Office Face Felony Charges. Da Wire, Man Caught On Camera Threatening To Shoot Jewish Neighbor: ‘I’m Going To Come Back With My F***ing AR’ "Neighborhood parking feud escalates as man repeatedly calls neighbor a Jew, anti-Semitic 'Hitler' graffiti appears on sidewalk next to house."

Sey Everything,  notes Nike Has A Woman Problem "Behind the scenes, Nike’s corporate culture has always been misogynistic. Now, their dishonesty and disregard for half of the population is catching up with them." Stacy McCain reminds you again About That Book You Didn’t Read, his book titled "Sex Trouble." It is not my habit to criticize or argue with people in the comments, but I got a bit miffed by this today: "There’s a phenomenon called “political lesbianism.” That’s a situation where a heterosexual woman becomes so filled with feminist zeal, and political hatred of men, that she actually becomes a lesbian despite not actually being attracted to women. Her lesbianism is a political act, not a sexual or romantic one." To which I replied curtly: Dude, I wrote an entire BOOK about this." Also from Stacy, The Acolyte’: Disney Now Dancing on the Shattered Ruins of ‘Star Wars’ Franchise. Gayest Star Wars EVER! 
Ace cites John Tierny: More and More People Understand that DEI Stands for "Didn't Earn It"

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