Friday, June 7, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Doo Doo on D-Day?

Matt Margolis at PJM claims Biden’s Visit to Normandy Was the Awkward Mess We All Predicted It Would Be. At NYPo, Awkward moment Jill Biden appears to tell Joe not to sit at D-Day ceremony, but he does anyway, he's the Preznot; he doesn't have to eat the broccoli. At Hat Hair, Dave Strom calls it Cringe Inducing and KT has Part Deux: Biden Campaigns in France. Nick Arama at RedState notes Biden's Awkward Moments of Confusion in Normandy.  Collin Rugg@CollinRugg "Biden arrives at the D-Day 80th anniversary ceremony clearly confused before shuffling like a robot. He then appears to get confused while trying to take a seat and then freezes. Later on, he leaves the ceremony while Macron stays and greets veterans. There is no way Democrats let this man run against Trump in the 2024 election." Sundance at CTH, Biden Does Weird Stuff Again During D-Day Memorial in France. Jon Del Arroz at PJM looks at the video and wonders Did Joe Biden Poop Himself at the D-Day Event? Larry at Hat Hair has a long segment on Biden's Awkward D-Day Moment, Trump's Official VP List, Byron Donalds vs the Media! At Da Wire. White House Doctor For Obama And Trump Signals Biden’s Mental Decline A ‘National Security Issue’ Nick Arama at RedState has More of Biden's Train Wreck Interview With David Muir: Hunter, Trump, Netanyahu, Insane Border Comment. John Sexton at Hat Hair hears Democrats and the White House Whine That the Media is Being Unfair to Them.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.06.24, EBL, The Shores of Normandy, and Air Superiority at D-Day, Louder With Crowder: Did Joe Biden poop himself at today’s D-Day ceremony?

Leah Barkoukis at TownHall thinks that With This Decision, Biden May Have Brought the US 'Dangerously Close' to World War III. Da Fetched cites Trump: We Have a Chance of Going into WWIII Because of Biden.

Mia Cathell at TownHall covers LIVE: Day 4 of Hunter Biden's Gun Trial. John Sexton at Hat Hair, Hunter Biden Trial Day Four: This is Biden Town. NYPo, Hunter Biden’s ‘ashamed’ sister-in-law, ex-lover Hallie says ‘I was just panicking’ when she found first son’s gun, testifies he introduced her to crack: ‘I regret that time of my life’. From Da Caller, FBI Witness Goes Against Hunter Biden Legal Team’s Laptop Narrative. It's real, and it's awesome. Breitbart calls for Revoking the Security Clearance of Everyone Who Signed the Hunter Biden Laptop Letter. Until we can try them for treason. At RedState Bob Hoge has an Incredible Video that Shows Just How Far the Media and Deep State Went to Lie to Americans About Hunter Laptop. At Althouse, "[Hunter Biden] was gonna plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, do deferred prosecution on the gun charges. And the judge asked a very simple question... "From the new episode of the Advisory Opinions podcast, "Will President Biden Pardon His Son?"" ABC, Biden tells Muir he wouldn't pardon son Hunter, says Trump got 'fair trial'.  Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments, "Well, we'll see what happens at trial and after the election. That's easy to say now, when the jury has yet to reach a verdict. If they convict Hunter and he draws a prison sentence, though, the strategy will likely be to stretch out his bail during the appeals and then Daddy can bail him out permanently. If Biden loses the election, the pardon will be forthcoming no matter what." At Breitbart, GOP Sends Hunter, James Biden Criminal Referrals to DOJ, Citing False Statements to Congress. Matt Vespa at TownHall explains Why CBS News' Lesley Stahl Owes Trump a Massive Apology for shutting him down on the Hunter laptop story. He won't get it.

From the Free Bacon, Swing-District Dem Sue Altman Campaigns With Group Working To Fast-Track Citizenship for All Illegal Immigrants and Biden Immigration Executive Order Full Of Loopholes, Documents Show, "Migrants who claim they're afraid to return to their home country could avoid deportation." At Reason, Distract the Voters and Arizona Voters Will Weigh Ballot Initiative To Make Illegal Border Crossing a State Crime "Law enforcement could arrest those they suspect of crossing into the state illegally—and they’d be “immune from liability for damages.” HE says Biden's failed policies have turned America's border into a warzone. Breitbart, Sen. Tom Cotton Proposes to Bar Children of Illegal Aliens, Foreign Terrorists from Birthright Citizenship

At Da Caller, ‘My Mama Didn’t Raise A Fool’: John Kennedy Accuses Janet Yellen Of Giving Economy ‘Sugar High’ To Help Biden Win. Insty, RECESSION + STAGFLATION: "Is This Something? Tax Receipts Down. Down means there is less economic activity. Down means less money is being made. You can see in other points on the graph, “down” led to a recession." The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee, "White House Claims Your Inability To Afford Groceries Is Misinformation" At Da Blaze, Fox News anchor embarrasses Biden campaign after they accuse him of spreading 'blatant lie'. "Fox News anchor John Roberts is fighting back after the Biden campaign accused him of spreading a "blatant lie." The Biden campaign loves to remind voters that President Joe Biden instituted a $35 price cap on insulin for Americans on Medicare. But this week, Roberts undercut the Biden campaign's message and reminded Fox News viewers that it was then-President Donald Trump who first instituted the $35 price cap in 2020." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.06.24,  The Lid, Biden is Lying About Lowering the Cost of Insulin and Reporter John Roberts Has the Proof,

At Am Great, the Great Victor Davis Hanson dispels The Myth That Biden Had Nothing to Do with the Prosecutions of Trump. From Da Caller, House Republicans Demand Comms Between Cassidy Hutchinson, Fani Willis’ Office For J6 Investigation. From Hat Hair, a video, Dr. Phil Challenges Biden: Drop All Legal Attacks on Trump Now. Frank Sempa at Am Spec has A Short History of Democratic Party LawfareA Short History of Democratic Party Lawfare. "The party’s use of the criminal justice system to maintain political power dates back to slavery." Stephen Kruiser at PJM, The Dem 'Convicted Felon' Eunuch Chorus Isn't Gaining an Audience. Hat Hair's KT thinks Biden's Plan to Paint Trump as Convicted Felon is Backfiring. Lionel Shriver at The Spec claims  The verdict boosted Trump "Democrats have a serious ends-means problem. But you cannot save democracy by destroying it." Althouse, "Mr. Trump’s musings on his planned prosecutions serve an immediate political purpose, highlighting his argument that his conviction in New York..." "... was the product of an effort by Democrats to keep him from being elected again and providing the red meat of prospective retribution to his base. Writes Adam Liptak, in "Trump’s Vows to Prosecute Rivals Put Rule of Law on the Ballot/Donald Trump’s promise to seek retribution challenges long-established norms. The election could hinge in part on what kind of justice system the country believes it has now and wants in the future". Da Caller hears ‘Throw Everything That Democracy Has At This Man’: MSNBC Analyst Suggests Silencing Trump To ‘Protect Voters’. Stephen Kruiser, Trump Derangement Syndrome Meltdown of the Week: 'Why Won't He Just Go Away?' Edition

Breitbart reports NYPD to Revoke Donald Trump’s Concealed Carry Permit Because of Felony Convictions, well, he still has the Secret Service. Jacob Sullum at Reason, Donald Trump and Hunter Biden Face the Illogical Consequences of an Arbitrary Gun Law, "Their cases illustrate the injustice of taking away people’s Second Amendment rights based on nonviolent crimes."

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.06.24, EBL: MAGA Stay: Fat Fani’s Trump Case Stayed By Georgia Court of Appeals,  Am Great , Alvin Bragg Demands that Trump Remain Under Gag,  Legal Insurrection: Georgia Court of Appeals Pauses Trump Case During Appeal of DA Fani Willis Ruling. Order, Da Tech Guy, The Democrats finally got Trump – now we have to make them pay for it! and The Federalist: Trump’s Conviction Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Complacent Grassroots Conservatives. ABC, Georgia court halts Trump's election case pending resolution of Willis appeal Da Caller, Appeals Court Pauses Trump’s Georgia Case Until Decision On Fani Willis. Matt Margolis, Fani Willis Blew It: Trump Georgia Case Officially on Hold. From Breitbart, Hearing Scheduled in Trump’s Classified Documents Case Could Invalidate Jack Smith’s Appointment. Ace, Judge Cannon to Hold Hearing on Jack Smith's Illegal Appointment as Special Prosecutor; Georgia Court of Appeals Tells Fani Willis to Cool Her Snizz.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.06.24, American Conservative: Bannon to Jail for Contempt of Congress. Sundance at CTH hosts the video, Steve Bannon Talks to Media After Judge Tells Him to Report to Jail, July 1st.

Hat Hair's Dave Strom says Not That They Matter, But Take a Look at 2024 vs. 2020 National Polls. Sundance, delights in Post Verdict Polling Shows No Movement – Trump Still Leads Biden and Media Are Not Happy. At Front Page, Byron York is Measuring the Trump Conviction Factor in the 2024 Race. Itzu Diaz at Am Spec claims Trump Is a Much Better Candidate Today Than He Was YesterdayTrump Is a Much Better Candidate Today Than He Was Yesterday "The convictions will mean more money and more support for the former president." From Front Page, a Video: Trump Could See the Largest Share of the Black Vote for a Republican Since Nixon. PJM's Rick Moran, Black Man Speaks the Truth. Democrats Pounce.  Am Con wonders Will Trump II See the Return of Fiscal Conservatism? NYPo, Trump campaign sends vetting paperwork to possible 2024 VPs — here are the notable names. Hat Hair's KT, Has Trump's Veep List Shrunk to Three or Four? 

Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP, Biden/Harris 2024 Campaign Messaging Is the IMAX of Projection. Breitbart, Stephen Colbert Mocks Biden’s Border Order, Age, Failed Attempt to Connect with Young Voters.

From the AZ SunTimes reports on Election Integrity Experts Talks About 2020 Election Irregularities at Virtual ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Conference. MD Kittle at Da Fed reports Wisconsin AG Files Phony ‘Fake Elector’ Charges Anyway After Admitting GOP Plan Was Legal. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.06.24, At Da Fed,  Federal Judge Caught Stumping For Biden’s Green Agenda In Montana, Republicans’ Refusal To Wield Power Destroyed Conservatism And Maybe The Country, NYT Admits FBI Was Authorized To Use Lethal Force Against Trump, But Dubs The Claim A Lie Anyway, and From Lawfare To Bidenbucks, Democrats’ 2024 Election Rigging Is Already Worse Than 2020.

At Hat Hair,  Larry loves it when Senator Kennedy Delivers an Ultimatum to FBI Director Wray. The Peacock whines, If Trump wins, he could weaponize U.S. spy services against his domestic political enemies, former intel officers warn "A former national security official who served under Trump said, “I haven’t talked to a single senior person who said, ‘Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.’” When you strike at the king . . .  Citizen Free Press@CitizenFreePres "Andrew McCabe claims certain FBI agents are worried about Trump throwing them in jail, and many are thinking of fleeing the country." Good. At Ace's FBI Settles Political Retaliation Lawsuit Against Patriotic Agent; Meanwhile Andrew McCable Whines That Trump Might Politically Retaliate Against the FBI "From SmoosieQ, Marcus Allen was not only suspended without pay for over two years for forwarding news articles expressing doubts about the official J6 Approved Regime narrative, he had all of his security clearances cancelled, so he could not work in the security field, which is one of the few options a former FBI agent can get for decent-paying employment." From Twitchy, Doctor Who Blew the Whistle on 'Gender-Affirming Care' Hit With Felony Charges.  Christopher F. Rufo@realchrisrufo "EXCLUSIVE: Dr. @EithanHaim exposed the child sex-change program at Texas Children's Hospital. Now the Biden Administration has indicted him on four felony charges. This is an outrageous political persecution—and must be resisted." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Follow the Cash: FBI Raids 'Ringleader' House After Brazen Jury Bribe in Minnesota

Mary Chastain at LI, House GOP Uncovers More Disturbing Info on J6 Committee, Including Delay of Secret Service Driver Testimony "The revelations involve Liz Cheney. What a shock."

James Antle at Am Con, Fauci’s Reappearance Is Awkward for Both Candidates "The man who embodied science now embodies the uncomfortable truth of Covid-era incompetence and malfeasance." The I&I ed board say simply, Prosecute FauciBlaze News investigates: Meet the sex-obsessed, gay 'activist physician' in charge of vaccines, COVID at the CDC

Matt Taibbi at The Twitter Files has a TWITTER FILES Extra: The Defaming of Brandon Straka and #Walkaway "Smeared as a Russian proxy after founding a movement to "#Walkaway" from the Democratic Party, Twitter documents suggest @BrandonStraka and his followers were set up." Capt. Ed comments "This one will require a deep dive, so buckle up and get ready for a long read. TL;DR version -- people knew this was no Russian intel operation, but it suited them politically to let people think it was." Helen of DesTroy explains How Public Radio Became the Enemy of the Public "Part I: Katherine Maher, Wikipedia's Woke Warrior."

From Fox News, a poor winner, Transgender athlete complains about lack of sportsmanship from fellow runners after winning girls state title "Garcia won the 400 meter in Washington." Breitbart reports the United Methodist Church Loses 1 Million Members in a Single Day over LGBT Affirmation. At Da Wire,  What I Saw At Chicago’s ‘Queer Fam Pride Jam’ and FBI Told Nashville Police Release Of School Shooter Writings Would Lead To ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ ‘Inaccurate Info’. Da Caller hears the ‘Godmother Of Queer Theory’ Admits Her Work Champions Pedophilia And Turning Kids Gay.

Mike LaChance at LI outs the DEI Expert Allegedly Claimed the American Flag is Becoming a Symbol of ‘Hate and Extremism’  “called employees who don’t accept notions included in CRT, such as the existence of ‘White privilege,’ a ‘poison to culture and climate,’ and criticized equality in favor of equity”. Nat Hochman at Am Spec, sees the Reckoning of a Race Hustler "Hammering a long-overdue nail in the coffin of Ibram X. Kendi’s career." At Am Think Allan Feifer refutes The Monstrous Lie of White Privilege.  NYPo reports  Democrat-led Connecticut town council refuses to fly ‘thin blue line’ flag for trooper killed in line of duty — but LGBTQ, American flags flown at half-mast

At Campus Reform, FOLLOW THE MONEY: Cal State Los Angeles SJP promotes terrorist organization and plane hijacker in fundraising poster. BeGee Welborn at Hat Hair, NJ High School Yearbook Poofs! Jewish Student Names, Replaces Their Club Picture With Muslim Students. "A swapperooskie of this magnitude took some serious coordination and some serious lip-zipping for it to slide by."

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad up at The Other McCain.

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