Monday, June 10, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Monday DIY

Sorry, things came up.

The Misdismal Biden Administration

The Worst Media Fete of Biden's Normandy Trip? – HotAir
AP 'Factcheck' of Biden's Normandy Moment Doesn't Actually 'Factcheck' Anything – RedState
Did Jill Biden Fly Back to Paris for a State Dinner to Wear THAT Dress? – HotAir
Instapundit - TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE: Jill Biden, Edith Wilson, and the Changing American State. Biden’s unusually
AWKWARD: Whatever Is Going on in This Video, Joe Biden Is CLEARLY Not At ALL Happy With Obama (Watch) – Twitchy
WATCH: Joe Biden's Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 97)
Speaker Johnson Offers to Do a Polygraph to Confirm His Version of a Bizarre Conversation with Biden
Israel Rescues Hostages From Terrorists; Guess How Media Are Spinning It? : The Other McCain
Are There Any Innocent Palestinians? : The Other McCain
Why Did CNN Say the Israeli Hostages Were 'Released?' – HotAir
Liam Neeson Criticized For Killing 31 Innocent Human Traffickers Just To Get Back One Hostage | Babylon Bee
Althouse: "Pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah demonstrators staged an anti-Israel protest near the White House on Saturday, calling for 'jihad'..."
At White House, anti-Israel protesters call to 'kill another Zionist now'
Scooter Kids + Rainbow Flag = Felonies, Hamasholes + Deface Public Monuments = 0 – HotAir
Campus Reform | Host of anti-Israel 'surround the White House' student rally has history of promoting terrorism, praised Oct. 7 attack
The Bidens Are A Horrible Bunch Of People
Former Federal Prosecutor Claims He Never Knew Addicts Couldn't Own Guns Until Hunter Was Charged – Bearing Arms
Biden Aides Are in the Family Business? – HotAir
Stunning, Brave: Ex-DNI Clapper Will NOT Repudiate BS Letter About Hunter's Laptop – HotAir
‘A Total Meltdown’: Lunden Roberts Claims Phones ‘Crashed,’ Almost ‘Everything’ With Hunter ‘Gone’ After Pregnancy News - The Daily Caller
Joe Biden Plays Let's Pretend on Southern Border 'Fix' -
Biden Claims He Doesn't Have Enough Planes to Deport Illegals – HotAir
Biden only wants you to think he'll get tough on the border
Fmr Obama Ambassador Predicts Illegal Immigrants Will Flee U.S. If Trump Gets Elected
Chinese Graduate Student Charged With Espionage for Newport News Drone Flights – HotAir
About Biden's Big Border Order...Pffft. You Knew It Was BS - Here's the Proof – HotAir
#Bidenomics Update: Seriously Overdue Credit Card Debt Highest in a Decade, Jack – HotAir
It’s Moutza Time: Just Say Nah! to the Idiocracy - John Kass
Only Biden Can Keep Russia Out of Moscow - Frontpage Mag

Politics, As Usual

Governor says Trump could become the first GOP presidential candidate to win his state in 20 years - Fox News
Republicans Favored In All Demographics Except One, New Poll Shows – WokeSpy – Unmasking Extremism, Empowering Awareness!
Althouse: "Former President Donald Trump 's campaign is hiring extra medics, loading up on fans and water bottles and allowing supporters to carry umbrellas..."
Althouse: The New York Times seems to think Burgum's the one.
Gandalf Bizarrely Slams Donald Trump's Oratory Skills – HotAir
Keep The Change - Off The Press
ABC's Hostin: Black Male Trump Supporters as Real as 'Unicorns'
Over Half Of Biden Supporters Say Main Reason For Backing Him Is To Oppose Trump: Poll - Off The Press
Robert Reich Isn’t Doing So Well on Social Media – WokeSpy – Unmasking Extremism, Empowering Awareness!
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs under investigation for alleged pay-to-play scheme - Fox News
Kennedy on Florida presidential ballot as Reform Party candidate -
Independent Inches Closer To Spot In June 27 Presidential Debate - Off The Press

Trump Troubles

The Trump hush money trial verdict is peak 'lawfare'
Biden's White House is knee-deep in Trump prosecutions
ROOKE: Yale Law Professor Lays Out Battle Plan For Trump In Bragg Case - The Daily Caller
Judge Merchan Gets Exclusive Invite to Trump's Potential Inauguration Day
Trump's First Probation Officer Interview After Hush Money Conviction Set For Monday - Off The Press
Jillian Michaels: 'How Is Trump Going to Jail, But Fauci Isn't?

The Great Culture War

Teens Face Felony Charges For Scooter Marks on Pride Street Mural - Todd Starnes
Kids Arrested For Driving Scooters Over Pride Flag Wishing They Had Burned American Flag Instead
Slim Majority of U.S. Adults Still Say Changing Gender Is Morally Wrong
'Take Back Title IX Tour' protests transgender athlete at US Women's Open golf tournament
Instapundit - SOME SERGEANT NAMED SCHULTZ WAS IN CHARGE: Columbia University Closes Investigation Into Harassment
Salon: 'The Patriarchy' Is Ruining Our Sons – HotAir
Colorado Campuses are About to Become Less Safe – Bearing Arms
Jewish Students Sue UCLA for Allowing 'Jew Exclusion Zone' on Campus

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: No Surrender out more or less on time at The Other McCain.

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