Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Maryland, My Maryland

Michael Knaapen, left, and his husband John Becker
From TNP,  Head of LGBT Maryland Dems Sent Nudes, Rape Fantasy Texts to Minor.

The head of the Maryland Democratic Party’s LGBT caucus allegedly sought to arrange a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old minor by text. Michael Knaapen admits the texts, which include nudes and an expressed desire to rape the supposed child and film the encounter, are real. However, he claims he did not really intend to meet the minor and engage in the acts.

Alex Rosen, who routinely confronts adults who message people they believe to be minors, recorded the confrontation in Montgomery County, Maryland. Rosen notes Knaapen had given out his home address, undermining his claims he did not want to meet in person.

Knaapen insists his stated desire to “rape” the child was a “fantasy” the minor “seemed to enjoy.” Rosen shows screenshots of the chats on X, formerly Twitter.

As I noted this morning, being a Democrat doesn't make you perv, but being a perv means the Democrat party is likely to be your political home.  

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