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Flotsam and Jetsam - Debate Fallout Continues

Yeah, Biden's bad, no, awful performance at Tuesday's debate with Donald Trump is still the main topic. Stacy McCain hears Democrats Singing ‘Suspicious Minds’. "Democrats are caught in a trap. They can’t walk out. As much as they may want to dump Joe Biden, there are a few problems — perhaps insurmountable problems — with any scenario to replace him:" I think they find one. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Maher, Matthews: Why Won't Dems Just Hand the Nomination to Newsom? Becca Downa at TownHall, Ted Cruz Has a New Prediction on the Chances Biden Is Replaced After The Debate. Nick Arama at RedState says Ted Cruz Drops Big Prediction About Replacing Biden and Who It Will Be "He said Michelle Obama was the only person who they could put in and move Kamala to the side." Althouse finds "No conversations about that whatsoever. The Democratic voters elected, nominated, Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s the nominee." "Said Michael Tyler, director of communications for the Biden campaign, quoted in "There Are 'No Conversations' About Replacing Biden, Campaign Official Says/The official also said President Biden was committed to attending the next presidential debate in September" (NYT). This immediately called to mind a tag I don't know why I don't use more often: "things not believed."" Also, Why not a coordinated double-coup? "What's brewing here?" At WaEx, Obama weighs in on support for Biden following nightmare performance. If I want my puppet I can keep my puppet. And Gavin Newsom distances himself from replacing Biden after debate disaster. At Da Caller, Chip Roy Unveils 25th Amendment Resolution To Yank Biden From Office After Debate Implosion. Eric Cowperthwaite at Security and Cigars calls it A Genuine Constitutional Crisis "The President is clearly not capable of exercising his Constitutional powers and authority." At NYPo, Staggering 82% don’t think Biden should still run for president: Post poll. Fox, RFK Jr. warns Biden isn't running the country after panned debate performance: 'It's scary'. "Presidential hopeful argued Biden is unfit for a second White House term on 'Fox & Friends'."

Atop Da Hill, Bob Woodward brands Biden debate performance a ‘political h-bomb’. Eric Lyman at JTN reads 'Panico,' 'Panique,' whatever the language, Europe's headlines all screamed same about Biden debate. "Those within the EU hoped for some insight about the rise of conservative politicians ahead of their parliamentary elections, but Biden's halting performance overwhelmed opportunities for big-picture takeaways." At WaEx, Biden debate performance renews spotlight on Hur tapes. From Fox, WATCH: Dem. Rep. snatches phone in testy airport exchange over Biden's mental clarity: 'Who owns you?' "The Kaptur campaign says the man violated her 'personal space'." NewsMax reports A Private Call of Top Democrats Fuels More Insider Anger about Biden's Debate Performance. “I was hoping for more of a substantive conversation instead of, ‘Hey, let’s go out there and just be cheerleaders,’ without actually addressing a very serious issue that unfolded on American television for millions of people to see." Matt Margolis at PJM, The Weekend Update: A Big Week for the 2024 Presidential Election

Jon Levine at NYPo cites Trump who says Biden ‘choked’ in debate, was in ‘trance’ that was ‘plainly and openly felt onstage’

Across da pond at Da Mail What IS wrong with Biden? One of Britain's top doctors gives his view as President's 'senior moments' in key TV debate spark concern. He strongly suspects Parkinson's. It not right to diagnose from the videos, but he could be right. From the Free Bacon, 'I Don't Debate as Well as I Used To': Biden Leans Into His Own Decline as Colleagues Plot His Replacement. Biden friendly Anxious anxiously puts forward that there are Two Joe Bidens: The night America saw the other one. "Between the lines: Biden's miscues and limitations are more familiar inside the White House. The time of day is important as to which of the two Bidens will appear." NYPo, Biden, 81, has difficulty functioning outside of 6-hour window as aides attempt to spin prez’s horrid debate performance: alarming report. President from 10 AM to 4 PM, Resident the rest of the time. Hey, I can relate to that. Who wants a 24/365 job anyway? 

WokeSpy, CNN Commentator Implies Joe Biden Knew “Questions Were Coming” Ahead Of Disastrous Debate. I don't think they had to be tipped; I thought most of the questions were the one's that everybody expected, and I found them shockingly fair to both sides. Anxious, Biden's debate is a "DEFCON 1" moment for Democrats "He was over-prepared and relying on minutiae when all that mattered was vigor and energy," one person in Biden's orbit told Axios. "They prepared him for the wrong debate. He was over-prepared when what he needed was rest. It's confounding." Oh bullshit, under stress he resorted to his old rote, and usually imaginary stories. Capt. Ed at Hat Hait, "No one who saw that debate last night can possibly believe that Biden was "relying on minutiae." He was incoherently spouting platitudes and badly written zingers in between repeated verbal tics like 'the idea!' and 'here's the deal.' They're lying, but expect the media to run with it at some point." Scott Pinsker at PJM thinks Democrat Operatives Committed the Classic PR Blunder "It’s the takeaway that matters."

The Peacock, 'It's a mess': Biden turns to family on his path forward after his disastrous debate. WaEx, Jill Biden remains Joe’s biggest supporter — and the only one who matters. Victory Girls insist DOCTOR Jill Biden Is The Puppeteer. Althouse channels Paul Begala, "Jill Biden, lacking the detachment of a Melania and enjoying the role of first lady more, has been pushing — and shielding — her husband..." "... beyond a reasonable point. After Thursday’s embarrassing debate performance, she exhorted the crowd and played teacher to a prized student: 'You did a great job! You answered every question! You knew all the facts!' This, to the guy who controls the nuclear codes...." Sundance at CTH, asks What is Going on With Jill Biden? "Seriously, no snark.  Give me your opinion because at a certain point I will admit my analysis starts to look at people through a very dark prism.  Given what we continue to see getting worse by the day with the mental state of her husband, Jill Biden is really looking sketchy." Bob Hoge at RedState, Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Goes There: 'She's the One Who Wants to Be President Now'. At Ace's the Misanthropic Humanitarian pens a letter, Dear Mrs. Jill Biden "I will not accuse you of elder abuse. But, I certainly don't know how you can let your husband continue to be the POTUS let alone to serve a second term. Your husband is ill. I am not a doctor. But, I do know the signs of dementia as my beloved mother suffered and passed away because of it. Why would a physically fit and mentally alert man need you to go up to him and walk him off stage? Your husband entered the debate hall and ninety minutes later forgot where he came from." For a contrary view, Joe Cunningham at RedState says that After Thursday Night's Debate, We Finally Know Who Is Running the White House. ". . . the answers Biden gave on the stage Thursday night prove one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: The man who can't form a coherent response to debate questions is the same man producing incoherent policies in the White House. It's Joe Biden all the way down."
GregGutfeld@greggutfeld, "remember: the media democrat complex is reacting in horror over joe's condition not because they saw it - it's because you saw it." The Free Bacon on the The Gaslighting of the American Public. Twitchy, Media BAFFLED By Biden at the Debate vs. Biden at Yesterday's Rally (It's Not Hard to Figure Out). Dave Keltz at Am Great, Media’s Lies About Biden’s ‘Mental Fitness’ Finally Caught Up To Them. From Fox, Biden debate debacle: 10 eye-opening media responses, from MSNBC panic to 'The View' calling for replacement. NewsBusters  note PolitiFact, USA Today Rate Trump, Biden 100 And 44 Percent False Respectively.  At OTP, Even CNN Admits Biden Plays Fast And Loose With The Truth. Da Caller, Gold Star Mother Calls For Leadership ‘Change’ After Biden Falsely Claimed No Troops Died Under His Watch. John Sexton at Hat Hair, gets Media Dispatches From an Alternate Universe. "The framing of this story is that suddenly, out of nowhere, everyone is shocked to discover there is another Joe Biden, one who seems hobbled by old age." WaEx's Paul Bedard's White House Report Card: No more hiding #Joementia. Breitbart, Jon Stewart Left Speechless by Joe Biden’s Debate Malfunctions. A welcome reaction.  Derek Hunter at TownHall reminds us to Never Let Anyone Forget How The Media Lied To The World About Joe Biden

Ben Whedon at JTN, Trump takes post-debate victory lap in Virginia in bid to flip the commonwealth to "red." “Our case to Virginia is very simple,” he said. “We will seal the border, we will make the American Dream affordable again, but we will bring back the American Dream."

Althouse notices Biden taunted Trump about his weight. "The debate has given us so much to talk about that something that ordinarily would have attracted a lot of attention has slipped by unnoticed: Biden brought up Trump's weight. He actually talked about the number of pounds . . . Even if he had been correct, and Trump weighs 235, it's not acceptable to call out the number of pounds you think somebody weighs. Most Americans are overweight, and we expect delicacy and consideration on the topic, certainly not taunting. Taunting is way off the norm." At Breitbart, WATCH: Donald Trump, Joe Biden Argue over Golf Swings During Debate and U.S. Open Champ Bryson DeChambeau Offers to Settle Trump, Biden Golf Handicap Debate "“Let’s settle this whole handicap debate. I’ll host the golf match on my YouTube channel,” he said in a post on X."

At Blaze, Joe Biden KEEPS refinancing his home — here are FIVE shady reasons why that might be. “ChatGPT didn’t come up with a single non-nefarious reason.”

The deck stacking in New York continues, at Da Signal,  Judge in Trump’s Manhattan Trials Reviews Risk Assessment by Anti-Trump Psychiatrist."Lee edited the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” first released in 2017. In May, she published a new book titled “The Psychology of Trump Contagion: An Existential Threat to American Democracy and All Humankind.”" It's considered unethical for a psychiatrist to diagnose without actually examining the "patient."  Sure why not, he knows he'll be overturned, so he's getting all the hits in he can. 

At Da Caller, Supreme Court Denies Steve Bannon’s Request To Stay Out Of Jail. Save a cell for Merrick Garland. “There is also no denying the fact that the government seeks to imprison Mr. Bannon for the four-month period immediately preceding the November presidential election,” his attorneys argued. “There is no reason for that outcome in a case that presents substantial legal issues.”

At WaEx, Supreme Court rules against Biden DOJ in high-stakes Jan. 6 case. Atop Da Hill, sads as Jan. 6 cases start being reopened after Supreme Court ruling. "Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement following the verdict Friday that he is “disappointed” by the decision, but the “vast majority” of rioters charged for their role in the attack “will not be affected by this decision.” The DOJ will take “appropriate steps” to comply with the high court’s ruling, he said." Politico whines that Trump calls for those arrested for Jan. 6 attack to be freed immediately "The comments came after a Supreme Court decision that federal prosecutors had overstepped on Jan. 6 obstruction charges." NewsWeek, Supreme Court Just Made Jack Smith's Job Harder   

Freedom Center, New York announces it will take citizen surveillance and censorship to the next level. "Like the plot to a dystopian movie, New York will now monitor social media writings, collect data, and use law enforcement to crack down on any expression it deems to be hate speech."

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Even Worse up and running at The Other McCain.

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