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Flotsam and Jetsam - Snope Refutes 'Fine People on Both Sides' Hoax

For some utterly bizarre reason (honesty can't be it), Snopes chose this week to finally debunk the 'Trump called white supremacists very fine people' hoax. As noted by 'Bonchie' at RedState,  Snopes Finally Gets Around to Fact-Checking the Entire Basis of Biden's Presidency, and Libs Are Big Mad. Breitbart, Seven Years Later, Snopes Says Trump Did Not Call Neo-Nazis ‘Very Fine People’. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Snopes Suddenly Discovered that Biden and the MSM Have Been Lying About Trump for Years. Matt Vespa at TownHall optimistically asserts Joe Biden Was Definitely Going to Attack Trump on This in the Debate. He Can't Now. I don't believe that for a minute. The number of old, debunked lies in Joe Biden's rhetorical repertoire is legendary, and the press simply expected to ignore and excuse them. I expect that bargain to still be honored. 

At TownHall Sarah Arnold expects Biden's Aggressive Debate Plan. "Despite the White House refusing to confirm whether Biden will take performance-enhancing drugs during the June 25 debate, the campaign official said the president will deliver “punchier” remarks— something Biden has failed at time and time again." Althouse, "Biden doesn’t need a long list of derisive assaults. Just a few. I bet Trump would take the bait." ""In the first debate of the 2020 campaign, Biden took a slap at Trump when the former reality TV host wouldn’t stop interrupting: 'Would you shut up, man? This is so unpresidential.' He also referred to Trump as a 'clown' and a 'racist.' Biden was able to be sharp in his parries with Trump. Belittling him could yield the best payback." Writes David Corn, in "Here’s How Biden Could Rattle Trump in Their First Debate" (Mother Jones). There's always this idea of getting under the other guy's skin. Is Trump really someone you can "bait" and "rattle"?" Dan Greenfield at Front Page hears Dems Really Can’t Get a Good Trump ‘Stand-In’ "Biden's not going to get the practice." None of his toadies will dare say what Trump will. Reagan Reese at Da Caller, ‘Keep The Bar Off The Floor’: Low Expectations Won’t Save Biden From Sleepy Debate Performance, Observers Say. At Am Great Roger Kimball has Some Unsolicited Advice, "Trump should allow Biden to do what Biden does so well: to descend into rambling, shrewish incoherence, while his focus should be on what a future under Donald Trump might look like." Clarice at Am Think thinks about  Will the Supreme Court Affect the Debate? with the immunity decision.

HE say  The media is trying to suppress proof of Biden's dementia. Jason Cohen at Da Caller hears NBC Analyst Says Biden Campaign’s Biggest ‘Worry’ Is It May Be Impossible To Convince Voters He’s Competent.

Sarah Arnold claims Trump Has Picked His VP. “No, nobody knows.” At RedState Nick Arama, reports Trump Has Made His Decision on VP Choice, Drops Big Hint About Who It Will Be. He's looking at Vance. Vance is good, but he has Ohio. If he picked Youngkin, he might get Virginia, and that would be game over. Althouse, I am one of the deciders, but I took this WaPo test anyway. "Kind of surprising, isn't that?" Not really, the Democrats have made no secret of their hatred for "democracy." Also, "Nostalgia for the Trump-era geopolitical landscape seems entirely reasonable: Before his defeat there was no Russian invasion of Ukraine, no brutal struggle in the Holy Land..." "Writes Ross Douthat, in "The Biden and Trump Weaknesses That Don’t Get Enough Attention" (NYT)." The Philly Inquirer worries about Trump rallies in North Philly as he tries to win over voters in Pennsylvania’s bluest big city "Trump’s rally at Temple featured multiple appeals to Hispanic and Black voters. “We win Pennsylvania,” Trump said, “we win the presidency.”? Beege Welborn at Hat Hair comments "I saw one stat where if Trump can pull close to 25% of the Philly area, he wins PA handily. He keeps bearing the blue lions in their dens, stranger things could happen." I think she meant "bearding."

Rick Moran at PJM hears the GOP Plan for Democratic Convention: Make Chicago the Poster for Democratic Policies. Can they keep riots from breaking out?  At Da Caller, Far-Left Protests Against Ocasio-Cortez For Endorsing Biden. Hat Hair's KT, Teamsters President Accepts Trump's Invitation to Speak to Republican Convention. At Am Con, Trump’s Income Tax Repeal Promises an American Revolution. From Breitbart, Former Fundraiser Who Helped Raise Millions for Obama Leaves Democrat Party, Declares Support for Trump "During an interview on Fox News’s Jesse Watters Primetime, Allison Huynh explained that several issues had occurred leading up to her leaving the party. . . . “Like any divorce, there’s not just one thing, there’s a series of things that led up to it,” Huynh explained during her interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters. Hunyh, who lives in California, added that the Democrat Party is focusing on “policing the wrong things,” instead of policing criminals and making the streets safer. “The Democrats were policing the wrong things,” Huynh added. “The things that we need to police are violent criminals that are scattered throughout the streets of San Francisco, people defecating, shooting up heroin in front of me and my kids, and allowing criminals to go in and steal from our grocery stores, shutting down grocery stores.”" Steve Calabresi at the Volokh report is concerned about Moore v. United States: Joe Biden Thinks He Can Tax Gains in the Value of Your House When You Have Not Yet Sold It.

NewsMax cites Trump: Biden's Illegal Immigrants Targeting Americans. At Da Caller, ‘That’s Sweet. They’re Illegal Aliens’: Heritage Foundation President Spars With MSNBC Hosts Over Illegal Immigration “And we don’t like that — I wanna be clear. We don’t use the term ‘illegal.’ Undocumented individuals,” Sanders-Townsend chimed in." At Da Wire, Graham: Biden Could Face ‘Criminal Prosecution’ For Illegal Aliens Let Into U.S. Who Raped, Murdered Women.  "So Joe Biden better hope and pray there’s presidential immunity, because when he allowed the killer of Laken Riley to be released on parole because lack of capacity, I think he’s subject not only lawsuit, but criminal prosecution, if there’s not presidential immunity.”

Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page on The Promise of Offensive War, The Perils of Containment  "If Biden prevents Israel from totally destroying Hamas . . ." Biden is reflexively stupid on foreign affairs, if not completely bought off by the Chinese. 

I&I says Biden’s Fiscal Crisis Is Far Worse Than We Thought "The CBO’s latest “Budget and Economic Outlook” projects that the federal deficit this year will top $1.9 trillion. That’s $408 billion higher – a 27% increase – than what the CBO thought it would be just four months ago." The Free Bacon reports the Biden Admin Says It's Approved More Oil Drilling Permits Than the Trump Admin. Its Own Data Show Otherwise. "Biden admin continues to 'mislead the public for their own political gain,"

mrcTV, Biden Hiding Details of How His ‘Voter Access’ Executive Order Is Influencing the Election. Althouse, "Elon, just because someone has a form (which anyone can find online) doesn’t mean you become a registered voter merely by filling it out." "Obviously, the question is how are those checks working out?"

At Mediaite, ‘Girl, Stay in Your Lane’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Admonishes Judge Cannon Ahead of Key Ruling in Trump Documents Case. I would say this is Cannon's chance to have the appointment of Smith checked by the Supes. Dump the case and force DOJ to either take it to the courts, or at least appoint a new special counsel according to the rules. Althouse takes notice that "Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, last week dropped most of the 46 cases against pro-Palestinian demonstrators charged..."

Rick Moran at PJM, DHS Docs Reveal Who the Biden Administration Really Sees as Terrorist Threats. "The AFL documents revealed that "supporters of the former president" accounted for "most of the Domestic Terrorism threat" in the U.S. . . . Citing unnamed "researchers," the board also claimed that specific traits – like those who served "in the military" or are "religious" – are "indicators of extremists and terrorism" that the U.S. should be "more worried" about." At Am Con, DHS Attempted to Turn Americans on Each Other "State of the Union: The documents of “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group” have been published after a lawsuit." Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, DHS Doc: Trump Supporters, Military, Religious People Most Likely Terrorists.

The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo is amused/pissed by the current debacle at WaPoo, Washington Post’s editor drama only exposes its lack of ‘ethics’ after debasing Trump for years. I've avoided commentary on this so far, but it looks like at WaPoo, the toddlers are running the day care. 

The Free Bacon reports Qatari Foreign Agents Secretly Paid $250K for PBS Documentary. "Hamas-friendly gulf state paid American operative $250,000 'for [a] PBS documentary,' DOJ filings reveal." And we give them public money why?

Stacy MCain, Pro-Hamas Mob Targets L.A. Synagogue. This is a neighbor adjacent to the one I grew up in from 6th grade through high school. A very Jewish neighborhood. I'm a bit surprised there wasn't more violence. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, A Hamas Mob Roamed an LA Neighborhood Attacking Jews "With the complicity of local Los Angeles authorities." Breitbart, Gavin Newsom, Karen Bass Silent as Antisemitic Mob Targets L.A.; UPDATE: Governor, Mayor Respond, with rote denunciations. Also, Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain Reopens After Being Vandalized by Pro-Palestinian Protesters. At NYPo, NYC Jewish family pummeled at 5th-grade commencement by attendees shouting ‘Free Palestine,’ mom says. Beege Welborn elaborates, "The school allowed one of the fifth graders to wave a small Palestinian flag and have "Free Palestine" on his cap (free speech, you know) as he walked across the stage. The grandmother of the Jewish family was so upset she walked out. Picture time afterward reportedly turned into a shoving and shouting match with the Hamas supporters shoving into the Jewish family's space before they were through." Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed claims Alvin Bragg ❤️s Antisemitic Rioters. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI says Get Ready for the Islamist Summer In American Cities, Fed By A Sense of Impunity From Consequences "So many lines have been crossed by anti-Israel protesters in the U.S. since October 7, it’s hard to see that any lines are left. The increasingly dominant glorification and worship of Islamist movements and leaders, combined with ability to act with impunity, is a bad omen for this summer." From the Free Bacon, Columbia Dean Calls Cops on Free Beacon Reporter "We wanted to ask Columbia College dean Josef Sorett questions. He summoned the police—after calling to defund the NYPD in 2020." Da Caller, Protesters Storm The 18th Green During Pivotal Moment In Golf Tournament, Appear To Throw Smoke, Powder. Climate protestors, but they overlap strongly with Hamas, using Kamala's Venn diagrams. 

At NYPo, a Brave nurse tells The Post why she blew the whistle on Texas children’s hospital accused of manipulating parents into giving kids life-changing trans treatments. “Parents were manipulated by doctors with an ideological agenda to go down this path of medical transition for their child,” Sivadge told The Post in an exclusive interview." From the College Fix, University of Utah will close women’s, LGBT centers to comply with DEI ban

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: One Big Crunch ready for you digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

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