Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - First Biden Trial Goes to Jury

Via ABC, Hunter Biden gun trial updates: Jury resumes deliberations. It seems like a pretty cut and dried case. The defense is trying to argue he didn't know he had a drug problem, but he bought the gun for protection from drug dealers. On the other hand, he can count on a pretty sympathetic jury. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, "I'd consider the odds of a hung jury better than usual here, but then again, I thought that might have been true in Manhattan too. Hunter is obviously guilty, but the defense played on their sympathies for nullification." Radar Online, Bombshell Texts Exposed: Hunter Biden Allegedly Withdrew $800 From ATM and Met With Drug Dealer HOURS Before 2018 Gun Purchase.  The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo observes Jill Biden puts on a powerful show of support for Hunter — while snubbing his now-5-year-old daughter. At HE, Biden's lies about his son's laptop are what election interference looks like. Ace, You're Probably Not Going to Believe Me, but the Same Media Who Spread Dangerous Disinformation About Hunter Biden's Laptop Being Fake Are Refusing To Accept Blame and Apologize After Laptop is Verified as 100% Real. "Jonathan Turley:" Twitchy says Cry Us a River: Maudlin Molly Jong-Fast Laments 'Hunter Biden's Disease' on MSNBC. Don Surber explains The real reason for the Hunter trial. "The trial is not about Hunter’s illegal purchase of a gun. The trial exists only so Democrats can say, see, no one is above the law not even the president’s son — when in fact, Hunter and all the Bidens are above the law." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw asserts Garland's Appointment of Weiss Was a Sham From Day One. It's pretty obvious he never wanted to try this family.  Guy Benson at TownHall asks  Okay, Does Anyone Believe This One From Joe Biden? Pardon Hunter?

Breitbart, IDF CONFIRMS: All 3 Rescued Male Israeli Hostages Held by Gaza ‘Journalist’. He's dead, Jim.  Jim Treacher, They Were Just Minding Their Own Business, Guarding Their Hostages... "Have you ever had one of those days?" Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed has a Life Hack: If You Don’t Want To Be Killed, Don’t Take Hostages. Capt. Ed, "And here's a more fundamental life hack: Don't start wars when you can't defend your own turf. The only reason Hamas gets away with this is because the world always intervenes to restrain Israel when Hamas manages to start wars. The only way to put an end to that is ... to put an end to it." HE, Palestinian civilians paid by Hamas to hold Israeli hostages in their homes: IDFBonchie@bonchieredstate "If you look really closely, you’ll notice a difference in how CNN treats claims from Israel and from Hamas. Can you spot it?" Ace, Israeli Soldiers Free Four Hostages from Terrorist Captivity; CNN Claims The Hostages Were "Released" While Progressives Seethe That Israel Fought to Get Her People Back "Terrorist outlet the Washington Post cries about how many Poor Palestinians Israel killed in rescuing the people held hostage for 245 days and counting by the government elected by the Poor Palestinians." Mark Tapson at Front Page notes Israel Rescues Hostages, World Mourns Deaths of Hamas Supporters “Would there have been a warning to those civilians for them to get out in time?” Hat Hair's KT reports Kamala Harris and Jake Sullivan Mourn Dead "Innocents" in Gaza after Heroic Rescue Mission. Breitbart sees Biden Administration Calls for Negotiations, Ceasefire After Israel Rescues 4 Hostages. Wouldn't want that to happen again. Hat Hair cites an NBC Reporter who Laments Hostage Rescue Makes It Harder to Cut a Deal With Terrorists. PJM's Chris Queen says You Won't Believe the Latest Stunt Biden Is Considering. Negotiating with Hamas directly. At Da Wire, Lindsey Graham: Biden Is ‘Withholding Weapons’ From Israel That They Need To End War. Barely satire, the Babylon Bee quips Ilhan Omar Calls For Day Of Mourning Over Hostages Rescued.

NRO's Charlie Cooke asks Did I Miss the ‘Vandalism Is Fine Now’ Memo? as Pro-Hamas Democrats trash DC monuments without being arrested. John Sexton at Hat Hair, The Pro-Hamas Protest Outside the White House Got Out of Hand. At the Freep, When Jew Hate Doesn’t Count. "When antisemites marched through Charlottesville, America was outraged. But when calls to “kill another Zionist now” were heard outside the White House this weekend, the nation shrugged."  Capt. Ed says "It's peculiar that more of the media isn't noting Biden's embrace of "very good people on both sides" as a response to the last eight months of Jew-hatred on campuses and streets from his allies on the Left." The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee "Kids Avoid Felony By Defacing Pride Mural With 'Free Gaza' Skid Marks https://buff.ly/3x1EUuT

Ace, Joe Biden: Now I've Decided I'm Also French and I Might Even Be a Descendant of the Marquis De Lafayette "Wow, he's a civil rights marcher, he's half-Puerto-Rican, he's a football All-American. Now he's a "Son of the American Revolution." 'Bonchie' at RedState sees Hilarious and Scary Scenes Unfold As Biden 'Attends' White House 'Juneteenth' Event. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, Only Biden Can Keep Russia Out of Moscow "This one confusing sentence might determine if thousands of Americans die in combat." Althouse, "During the N.B.A. finals that began on Thursday, the Biden campaign ran a TV ad titled, 'Flag,' which really mirrors a strategy..." "... that senior officials described to The New Yorker earlier this year. It’s highly focused on “freedom” conceptually, through the prism of abortion, voting rights and a few other issues. While the issues are definitely longstanding Democratic priorities, if you watch it, the solemn patriotic tone of the ad feels a little old school Republican to me — it’s an interesting artifact of how things have changed. Biden is running to preserve rights and freedoms, or, through another lens, conserve the old ways."" Matt Margolis at PJM sees the Desperate Biden Campaign Continues to Push Long-Debunked Hoax. "It never ceases to amaze me how the Biden campaign is not only built on lies but doubles down on them even when they've been repeatedly debunked. They do this because they know they can get away with it because the mainstream media will dutifully push whatever narrative the Biden campaign wants."

Da Wire cites Statistician Nate Silver: ‘It’s More Than Fair To Ask’ If Biden Should Drop Out Amid All-Time Low Approval Ratings.  Capt. Ed, "We've been asking all along, but two problems Democrats have -- among them, anyway -- is who would replace him, and how. The time to push Biden out of the way was in January, when voters could make that decision. If Biden withdrew now, the party's operatives would have to appoint his replacement, and that means either Kamala Harris or a progressive meltdown. And Harris' numbers are worse than Biden's." Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller, ‘My Goodness’: CNN Data Guru Breaks Down How Bad Biden Is Doing With Black Voters. Ace, Hollywood Elites Pledge to Make Propaganda for Young Voters, to Avoid the "Cringe" of Biden's Efforts So Far.

Hat Hair's Dave Strom sees Democrats Running Scared on Immigration. At Da Caller ‘No Slowing Down’: Abbott Confirms There’s Been No Change At Border Since Biden’s New Policy, Says It’s ‘Accelerating’. Kamden Mulder at Da Fed reports 1 In 5 NYC Hotels Is Now An Illegal Migrant Shelter, Driving Up Prices. TNP provides a MIGRANT CRIME ROUND-UP: Cop Shooters, Cover Ups, and Texas’ Most Wanted. Ace,  Illegal Aliens Break Laws (As Usual) In NYC Blocking Traffic, Making Demands on American Citizens; Biden Considers Granting Amnesty to One Million+ More Illegals "Biden puts out the word that he's "cracking down" on illegal aliens to help him with actual American voters, while his real policy continues to be mass amnesty, granted quietly so that only the affected illegals will know." Breitbart has a Poll: Strong Majority of Voters, Most Hispanics Would Back National Program to Deport Illegal Aliens. Shawn A. Means at Am Think thinks about Hillbilly Xenophobes for Trump.

At Fox Business, LARRY KUDLOW says 'Look under the hood' of Biden's May jobs report and you'll see the problem. I&I tells The Unvarnished Truth About That ‘Blockbuster’ Jobs Report. Argues that there really hasn't been any job growth. At Am Think Kevin Cochrane thinks Prices Are Never Going Down. Probably true. Deflation is bad. At Da Caller, Biden’s Signature Bills Are Pumping Billions Into Swing States — But Will It Make A Difference In November? “I doubt most voters are aware of these projects, mostly because at this point they are little more than ribbon cuttings and plans. The administration hasn’t even spent a fraction of what was appropriated,” 

Politico whines Never mind: Wall Street titans shake off qualms and embrace Trump "Many high-dollar donors had turned their backs on Trump after the stolen election lie and Jan. 6, but now have returned." Capt. Ed thinks "It won't be just the billionaires doing the four-year comparison and realizing how worse it got under Biden. But the billionaires have a lot of money to spend on getting the policies that work back in place. As Politico notes, that's even trumping -- heh -- the conviction in Manhattan. That's how bad they assess Biden's leadership to be." US News examines 15 Battleground Counties Key to the 2024 Presidential Election "Factors like demographics and turnout in this group of counties could play critical roles in the outcome of this year’s race for the White House." At Da Caller, The 2024 Election Could Hinge On The ‘Silver State’ Turning Red. Am Thinks Jeffrey Wright is Calling All Reluctant Trumpers. Do you really want Biden?

Roger Kimball at Am Great on the  Facebook Post that Sparks Debate Over Possible Mistrial in Trump Case. Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller hears Jonathan Turley Questions Why Judge Who Donated To Biden Was ‘Hand-Picked’ For Trump Trial: ‘Concerning’. At RCT, the Great Victor Davis Hansen dispels The Myth That Biden Had Nothing To Do with the Prosecutions of Trump. From Althouse, "The theory largely rests on the fact that former top Justice Department official Matthew Colangelo joined the investigation in 2022."  The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee "Biden Asks Why Europe Didn't Just Arrest Conservative Candidates Before Election https://buff.ly/4aYoEsq" John Kudla at Am Think worries about Civil War if Trump Goes to Prison?

 At Twitchy, WATCH: In Fani Willis’ 'Young Thug’ RICO case, Defense Attorney Calls Out the Judge and Gets ARRESTED. Not really about Trump, but an excellent example of the corruption and insanity in the Fulton County courts. 

At DeClassified by Julie Kelly, The Silent Insurrection: General Milley’s Hand on January 6. Nick Arama at RedState presents a Bombshell Video of Pelosi on J6 Admitting 'Responsibility' for Security Failure Implodes Dem Narrative

John Solomon at JTN reports that In a shocking litmus test, FBI security inquiry tried to unmask employee’s Trump support, memos show . "The New McCarthyism? FBI Interviews raised politically-slanted questions including employee's vaccine hesitancy, 2nd Amendment support, prompting a bias complaint to DOJ's internal watchdog." At TAW Tom Knighton has tale of two FBIs. "That is, of course, unless you recognize that there’s just one FBI and they’re playing for a particular team. They’re respectful of the free speech rights of a group glorifying terrorism because those terrorists are supported by all the right people in government." Da Caller reminds us While Biden DOJ Locks Up Pro-Lifers, Hundreds Of Pro-Abortion Violent Incidents Still Remain Unprosecuted

I&I, sees Shades Of Nixon: Biden Refuses To Turn Over Potentially Devastating Tapes

PJM's Rick Moran hears 'This Will Not Be 1968,' Says Chicago PD. It May Be Worse. I'm struggling to see the downside, except for the poor cops.

From Breitbart, Who Watches the Watchmen: ‘Misinformation Expert’ Joan Donovan Accused of Spreading Misinformation.

Byron York at WaEx asserts the Push to promote transgender ideology is backfiring. The College Fix reports a U. Chicago survey: Two-thirds of U.S. adults oppose transgender females in women’s sports. Joanna Jacobs wonders Why is 'Gender Queer' in the middle-school library? Dave Strom asks Is This Really Necessary, Texas Democrats?

Also, Don't Paint Your Religious Symbols on the Street, if you don't want scooter marks on them. John Sexton sees Audrey Hale Left a Suicide Note for Her Family (Plus 'White Nothingness') "Clearly, Hale had absorbed a lot of messages about race and gender from outside sources, all of which seemed to make her miserable and convinced her own death was the only solution." Girls aren't equipped to handle testosterone.

Eric Lendrum at Am Great is hopeful that DEI Programs Could Soon Face Supreme Court.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Just What It Says On Her Label out more or less on time at The Other McCain.

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